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Zelda Breath of the Wild clothes: full list, how do you get them?

by Ana Lopez
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It couldn’t be easier: you click on the Zelda Breath of the Wild set of your choice and you should be taken to the corresponding file, including how to unlock all the parts, as well as the necessary materials and the second improvements. set. As a reminder, improving an armor level requires the intervention of a large fairy: so to upgrade to level 4 you must have found all the fountains (guide coming soon) and pay 10,000 rubies.

List of outfits and how to unlock them

It’s a rather unusual mechanic for a Zelda, bringing it closer to more classic role-playing games. By donning a complete set, Link can take advantage of numerous stat bonuses and even extra powers thanks to armor. It should be noted that DLC 1 and 2 of the Season Pass also contain additional equipment, with a few nods to other licensed games along the way.

Weapons and special equipment

For the best equipment in the game, other than clothing, you’ll need the Hylia shield, the famous legendary sword to be recovered from the lost forests, and mount-wise, the motorcycle from the Ode aux Prodigies DLC can replace all your horses. . For the sections related to additional content, please refer to the two guides below.

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