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Pokémon GO Mega Gyarados: The best counters to beat it in Mega Raids

by Ana Lopez
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Giant Sea Serpent, the Mega Evolution of Magicarp and Gyarados, Mega Gyaradosis available in Mega Raid in PokémonGO. These two types make him vulnerable to a number of attacks: here’s a guide to help you defeat Mega Gyarados quickly and easily.

How to beat Mega Gyarados?

Mega Gyarados is a type of Pokémon Darkness And Water. This means that it is very weak against type attacks. Electric, Plant, fight, critterAnd Fairy.

  • Capture PC : between 1855 and 1937
  • Boosted Capture PC : between 2319 and 2422 (stimulated by wind or rain)
  • Recommended number of players : 3 to 5 Trainers

Here are the best Pokemon you can use to beat it more easily:

Mega Venusaurus

Featuring Vine Whip and Vege-Attack


With Fangs Lightning and Crazy Lightning

Mega Pharamp

With Flash Changer and Elecanon


With Éclair and Coup d’Jus


Featuring Charged Beam and Crazy Bolt

Mega Gyarados: Is it available in glossy?

Mega Gyarados is available in a chromatic version. Here’s what the two versions of Mega Gyarados look like:

Normal Mega Gyarados - Pokemon GO
Normal Mega Gyarados
Shiny Mega Gyarados - Pokemon GO
Shiny Mega Gyarados

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