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Vital Overwatch 2: tips, advice, story and skills, how to play it right?

by Ana Lopez
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Vital is a new supporting hero which has been available on Overwatch 2 since April 11, 2022. This is a healer whose damage skill is downright secondary, but… unfortunately, his healing is way too low compared to the rest of the healers. So using Vital comes down to wanting to protect your team at all costs by providing them with continuous care, but above all by getting them out of difficult situations thanks to the shield that they can pull towards themselves, to the tree of life or even to the rising platform.

Basically, don’t use Vital as the main healer but rather as an asset that can save his team other than by healing them.

Beware though, played badly, Vital can be a real thorn in the side of his allies: a poorly placed shield while a teammate was about to use his Ulti, for example, could completely change a game. With Vital in his team, communication is therefore even more important than usual.

To help newbies, you need to find out all of Vital’s history, this hero’s abilities, the targets to kill, but also his synergy with other players in his team and his weaknesses.

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Who is vital? And what is his story?

Vital has quite a long history which you can find in full on the official Blizzard website. Otherwise, here’s our short version:

Vital was born in Thailand into a wealthy family and his real name is Niran PruksaManee. From an early age he developed a love for plants, but above all an aversion to the mapped out future that his parents had asked him to follow. He was sent to the prestigious Vishkar School of Architecture, where Symmetra also studied. They also became very good friends, but Niran already disliked his school for its rigidity and too “perfect” appearance.

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During his studies he set out on a kind of world trip to take a closer look at nature. Unfortunately, he encountered terrible scenes that were far from the perfection that reigned in Vishkar or in his wealthy family. Seeing the devastation that reigned there and the many wounded around him, he decided to do everything in his power to put an end to it.

He developed a new technology called biolight, which can heal terrible wounds in an instant. The Vishkar school then wanted to claim ownership of this invention and Vital fled and took refuge in a city in the Atlantic called Arcology. There he could complete his technology and put it to good use.

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Skills of Vital

In addition to the skills listed below, Vital has two extremely useful passives:

  • When he dies, he leaves behind a flower which, when picked up by an ally, instantly heals him,
  • It automatically heals over time if not hit.

Be careful, unlike Moïra who can switch between healing and damage very easily, you have to press a key on the keyboard (or a button on the controller) to be able to change Vital’s mode.

care flower

The most important healing skill. This sends healing orbs (petals) to the targeted ally(s). It is possible to charge the heal to heal a target more effectively.

Subcutaneous arrow

The main damage skill. This sends volleys of thorns at enemies.

Platform of petals

You place a large flower-shaped platform on the ground. When someone steps on it (enemy or ally), the platform rises several meters. This is useful for unlocking certain dangerous situations, such as an enemy Ulti, or reaching the heights of certain cards.

Regenerate momentum

A very short forward sprint that allows you to run away but also heal a little.

saving leverage

Probably the best skill in Vital, but also the hardest to use because you have to do it at the right time. By targeting an ally, Vital can surround him with a protective bubble and, above all, bring him back to himself.

Tree of Life (Ultimate)

Vital’s ultimate is a huge tree to put on the ground that continuously spreads healing waves for a few seconds.

How to get Vital?

Vital can be obtained by reaching level 45 of the Season 4 Battle Pass. Once it’s completed, all you need to do is purchase it for 900 credits or unlock it by completing a list of fairly simple challenges.

You can, of course, automatically unlock Vital if you pay for the Premium Battle Pass.

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Essential gameplay tips

As you will have seen, Vital has a range of skills that require a certain amount of mastery to be used at the right time. That is clearly not vital not a supporting hero for beginners according to U.S. It is better to get your hands on Ange or even Moïra, for example, because Vital has to be used in a very situational way and it is therefore advisable to know the cards and the opponents well to get the most out of it.

For example, using his Saving Grasp (protective bubble that he draws to himself) can be a real trap for one of his allies. If the ability is used too early or too late, it can ruin a skirmish that started so well. And, used wisely, it can get anyone out of a dire situation: overtaking someone standing on the edge of an abyss, for example, preventing an ally from staying in Mei’s terrible ultimate.

The use of Vital is required precise and technical gesturess, except perhaps in the case of her healing, which only requires a little targeting of allies to send biolight orbs.

In terms of placements, it is preferable to be behind the team, to have an overview of each of the allies. Also be careful not to stay away too much, because unlike Ange, Kiriko or Moïra, Vital’s dash is very short.

The synergies

In this part, we offer you a selection of heroes who enjoy the presence of Vital.

hero support

There are many supporting heroes that could be a good fit for a duo with Vital, but the important thing to remember is that he’s not a primary healer. As a team, it is therefore better to use strong support such as Ange, Moïra or Ana with him.

hero damage

If Vital’s ultimate is mainly used to temporize by healing his team in waves, his other abilities are much more useful for helping the team’s DPS heroes. For example, the protective bubble can take them out of any situation, but the most remarkable thing is the petal platform. Placed properly, it can secure an ally while he operates his ultimate, for example, or a jackal swings his grenades in the air for a few seconds. Hell for opponents.

Vital is also very practical for “pocketing” DPS, who are generally a bit more neglected by the main healers, like Bastion for example.



tank hero

The best combo we’ve been able to spot so far is without a doubt the one with D.Va. Use a petal platform to raise the young Korean girl so she can launch her Mecca even higher on her Ulti. Guaranteed winning explosion.

Orisa is also a good combination: right after her ultimate, which forces her to stay in the center of several enemies, you can take her out of there thanks to your protective bubble.



His weaknesses

Below are the characters with whom Vital does not mix well.

hero support

Unfortunately, every hero has what we can call his kryptonite and Vital is no exception to the rule. His healing isn’t terrible, for example he will never be able to face an enemy angel who can heal the whole team in a few seconds while he barely manages to heal one or two allies. The most dangerous is still Ana, who can throw her famous biotic grenade at her and prevent her from healing.



hero damage

All support heroes fear DPS, especially those who can flank quite easily. In the top 3 of the most excruciating DPS for Vital, of course, we have Genji, Tracer or Dark. But others mainly deserve honorary titles Jackal when he flanks.

It’s important to communicate your opponents’ position to your allies, especially if they’re after you. Unlike them, you have much less to take them down.








tank hero

In terms of tanks, there are also characters that can flank: we think of in particular Doomfist or Winston. Ramattra’s Nemesis form is a nightmare for Vital, as the dash will never be enough to get away if he focuses you.




strongly against

Then you can finally get a little idea of ​​​​the heroes who fear Vital. Ashe for instance, when she sends her trusty sidekick BOB, will be extremely disappointed to see that the platform of petals will have sent him far into the sky. Same for Orisa who then has no time to put his spear on the ground during his ulti, or Bouldozer who will have to leave his mines high.

In reality, Vital’s protective bubble can pull any ally out of an Ulti and then enrage the opponent in front. Be careful though, this is much more delicate in regards to an ultimate from say Pharah, from Soldier 76 or even Tracer if it puts the bomb on an ally that will bring you back (too bad).


Ashe (BOB)


Keep in mind that these lists of synergies, weaknesses, and strengths are not immutable over time. During certain nerfs and other ups, the blade is updated. Also note that these lists mainly depend on your gameplay, your vision of the game, your placements, but also on the opponents you may encounter. These lists are little tricks that should not be confused with gospel letters.

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