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Fortnite x SNK Thunder Spear: Where to find this weapon in Chapter 4?

by Ana Lopez
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The Lightning Spears, along with the Three-Dimensional Maneuver Harness, are Attack on Titan items found in Fortnite during the current Chapter 4 season. These items are of high quality. mythicalbut rest assured: they are found relatively often and it is possible to pick them up in the reconnaissance battalion’s trunks, in the classic chests and sometimes even on the ground.

THE Lightning spears are explosive objects similar to rocket launchers. They will allow you to take on different challenges but also ensure your top 1!

Where can you find Lightning Spears?

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Lightning spears can be picked up anywhere this season, but they have a drop rate increased in the Trunks of the Exploration Battalion. These new containers are dedicated to the crossover with SNK. The map above shows the locations where you need to access Trunks of the Reconnaissance Battalion.

How can I be sure I’m collecting Lightning Spears?

With a little practice you can systematically retrieve this object as soon as you land. All you have to do is aim for a place rich in it Trunks of the Reconnaissance Battalion using the map above. Prefer the to avoid competition from rival players on the landing zone as much as possible spawns furthest from the path of the Battle Bus.

This gives you the opportunity to find the SNK equipment in peace.

are lightning bolts useful for destroying buildings that harbor enemies. Note that they are combined with the three-dimensional maneuvering armor, and you can fire the explosive spears from the air!

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Where are the reconnaissance battalion’s trunks?

With the partnership between Fortnite and SNK, Epic Games has rolled out a new type of chests; the Exploration Battalion trunks. Inside you’ll find the gear from the manga, so it’s important to know their locations on the map.

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