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Fortnite x SNK: Explorer Battalion trunks, where to find Attack on Titan chests?

by Ana Lopez
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Epic Games has applied for the partnership between Fortnite and SNK. Experienced players as well as fans of the manga enjoy finding the characters of the anime or playing with the flagship equipment of the work. For this high-flying crossover, the publisher has also rolled out a new type of box: Trunks of the Exploration Battalion. These containers behave like classic chests (no special key is needed to open them), but they are much rarer. They are also more likely to contain special SNK gear (Lightning spears and three-dimensional maneuvering armor).

Survey Corps Trunk locations

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Probably the most obvious place to try to open a Survey Corps Trunk is the Cellar of the Hunter family, on the Aambeeldplein. But you’ll find that the Trunks can actually be found everywhere, both in the northwest and southeast of the island. Only the northeastern quarter is a bit neglected in the distribution of these chests.

Why look for these chests?

Whether you are a gamer or an occasional gamer, a try harder or just a fan of the manga, you have every reason to prefer these chests while playing Fortnite. First of all, they will allow you to complete many challenges for the current season, and if you have the Battle Pass, it is thanks to them that you will get the Eren Jager skin.

They also have a high drop rate of collab-specific mythical items. Played Lightning spears explosives or Three-dimensional maneuvering harnessit greatly increases your chances of making a top 1!

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Where can you find the cellar of the Jager family?

The collaboration between Fortnite and Attack on Titan is in full swing on our favorite battle royale. And whether you’re completing the challenges to get Eren Jager’s skin or testing out the new SNK weapons, you’ll need to find a secret basement first.

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