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Virginia Sons of the Forest: how do you approach this three-legged woman?

by Ana Lopez
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During your adventure on the dark forest island of Sons of the Forest, you will soon encounter the rather hostile inhabitants of this island. But among these terrifying ruthless cannibals, sooner or later a young woman in a bathing suit will visit you. Guess what? You can make it an ally! We explain everything in this detailed guide.

Virginia: ally or foe in Sons of the Forest?

Among the many sometimes truly gruesome and absurd-looking enemies you’ll encounter on this infernal island, there’s one creature that many players struggle to fully grasp the interest of. This creature, she looks like a young blonde woman wearing a blue swimsuit. His peculiarity, and it is for this reason that he is often associated with the cannibalistic monsters that populate the island of Sons of the Forest, is that he has three arms and three legs. Yes, it’s very strange, yes, she’s extremely scary the first time you meet her, but… No, she means no harm to you!

The name of this “creature” is Virginia. You’ll finally be able to stop calling her “the monster,” “the three-legged woman,” or whatever other ugly qualifiers you’ve given her so far. Virginia!

The good news is that this very surprising creature is absolutely not hostile no matter what you do. In fact, she’s totally scared every time she sees you and tries to run away. But what you choose to do in response to that fear will permanently determine the future it holds for your budding relationship.

Sons of the Forest

How do you make Virginia friendly in Sons of the Forest?

Virginia is really, really, really scared of the players. However, if you behave relatively well, she will come to visit you where you were, and this several times!

What you need to understand with this NPC is that she always responds to your behavior towards her. So if you are aggressive in any way, his response will always be flight. But if you’re calm and reassuring, she’ll start to like you, run away anyway, but eventually come back to do the same thing over and over until she finally becomes your friend.

Some important steps to not frighten Virginia when you meet her:

  1. Store any item you carry in your hands with G (default)
  2. Don’t move, let her come to you calmly without reacting
  3. Do not behave aggressively: forget about weapons, blows and other attempts to pursue him. If she flees, let her go without running after her

There’s no more reliable way to gain Virginia’s trust: you have to be patient and keep her coming over and over again by doing the right thing every time. Whatever happens, as long as she lives, she will continue to visit you even if you frighten her, but if you manage to confide in her several times, she will start wandering around your base. , then you will finally become his. friend!

Sons of the Forest

Usefulness of Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Unlike dear Kelvin (and not Kevin), Virginia is not strictly available to you once you become your friend. In fact, she will quietly live her little life around you or your base, wandering here and there. However, it has some important uses:

  • She sometimes brings you gifts containing several provisions in thanks for your benevolence towards her.
  • Sometimes she will run away from your base and then wave at you. When that happens, follow her: she will help you find areas with hidden supply crates with lots of useful things.
  • You can give her weapons by communicating with her. She can wear one pistol and a pistol Nasty pump and use them at the same time, which makes her terrifyingly powerful in combat! It can also carry a GPS locator, practical!
Image credit: RockPaperShotgun - Sons of the Forest
Image Credits: RockPaperShotgun

It’s also important to know that just like what she went through at the beginning of your relationship, Virginia will initially be afraid of the idea of ​​fighting. The first few times she will run away until the end of the battle, but if you keep her alive she will gain confidence and eventually become a real killer.

In addition, it is interesting to know that Virginia has not the slightest need: neither water, nor food, nor rest. On the other hand, if she is attacked multiple times, she may pass out or even die if the enemies chase her after her fall. To prevent her from dying permanently, you must revive her by interacting with her when she is on the ground, there is no other way to heal her.

  • Attention : If Virginia dies, she can’t come back to life. It’s over for her in this part!

Finally, for cosmetics lovers, you can change this young woman’s outfit. If she is equipped with a blue swimsuit, you can collect two extra sets from different places on the island, equip them and give them to her for her to equip:

  • Blue bathing suit (Standard)
  • Dress
  • Camouflage

So you know what to do: make Virginia your friend, you won’t regret it!

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