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Sons of the Forest Multiplayer: Co-op, Commands, Dedicated Servers… How does it work?

by Ana Lopez
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On track to be one of the first indie boxes of this early year 2023, Sons of the Forest is currently on offer for €28.99 in early access: Endnight needs time and the feedback of many players to fine-tune the experience down to the smallest detail. There is still a way to have a lot of fun on the island, especially if you play with several people and it is precisely this collaborative aspect that will interest us here.

Co-op: number of players, controls

You can play with up to 8 players in Sons of the Forest, but it is possible to set up your game to allow fewer players to play if you wish. Friendly fire is activated in cooperation, which can lead to absurd situations during cave explorations with more than 3 players: a sledgehammer in the head of the neighbor can happen quickly. An annoyance is quickly compensated by the comfort that the construction of a plinth with several people offers. For solo players, don’t hesitate to give work to the AI ​​encountered in the crash siteshe’s generally doing great, though she’ll never be worth 5 extra pairs of arms.

How do I trade items in co-op?

  • Hold down E in front of another player, who must do the same to initiate the exchange. This will open your inventory on the side: scroll through the pages until you get to what you want to donate, then left-click to send it to your colleague. If the object is not in the lists on the left, it is simply impossible to exchange it with members of your group.
Sons of the Forest

List of commands

It is possible to play around with the server settings a bit to customize your game. Right now the options are pretty thin, but this list should be of a whole new caliber after a few months of Early Access. Note that server administrators also have more commands available, which they can access by doing /help. The commands must be entered directly into the game chat (enter key).

Server commands

  • /staff: Shows a list of all commands
  • /save (slot 1 to 5): Allows you to manually save the game.
  • /Restarting: Reset the server to 0 and delete your backups
  • / to block: close the server
  • /ban (steam ID): Banned a player.
  • /kick (steam ID): Kicks a player off the server.
  • /tree growth mode: Replenishes 10% of the trees cut down during your game.
  • /allow building destruction: Enables the destruction of buildings.
  • /allowenemiescreative: Activates enemies in creative mode.
  • /openlogs: Open the server log.
  • /closelogs: Close the server log.

Does Sons of the Forest have dedicated servers?

For this early access launch, Sons of the Forest does not yet have dedicated servers. To play together, this means that one of the members of the group must host the game and it is not possible to join it whenever you want: the host must necessarily be online so that the others can connect. The dedicated server is a basic feature of any self-respecting multi-pc game, there’s no doubt it will arrive during early access.

Sons of the Forest

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