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Sons of the Forest Bow and Arrow: How do you get these ranged weapons?

by Ana Lopez
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To survive in the dark confines of the forest of Sons of the Forest, there’s one element you’ll likely call upon to ease your progress in this hostile place: thecraft bowand by extension the Arrows belonging to it of course! Fortunately, these two tools can be crafted very quickly after arriving on the island, and we explain how in this detailed guide.

How to make a bow in Sons of the Forest?

The creation of one craft bow is undoubtedly one of the first reflexes that any survival game enthusiast will have in terms of weapons on Sons of the Forest. And it is not for nothing that it is particularly powerful, because it not only allows you to take out your enemies from a distance without taking too many risks (with a certain precision anyway), but it also allows you to hunt from afar and therefore to Hit targets that would normally flee too quickly for your melee attacks, for example deer to name a few!

Like most of the other bosses in the game, that of theBow craft is learned from the beginning of the game by default. It is not very greedy in components, these are very easy to access:

  • 2x Staff: Cut bushes or small shrubs to get some quick, it’s the easiest item to grow
  • 1x Rope: By default, you get them as soon as you arrive on the island. If you run out of them for some reason, you can usually find them in native encampments, in most caves, and generally quite randomly all over the island.
  • 1x Chatterton: You also get a few as standard when you arrive on the island. When they run out, look for abandoned human settlements, or even caves that sometimes close them up again. You can also find it in leather pouches that certain creatures drop when they die.

Once all these elements are collected, open your inventory (default I) and combine each of these elements by right-clicking on them. Once you’ve selected them all, they’ll be in the center of the inventory and you just need to click the gear in the center to create the Crafted Bow.

Sons of the Forest

Making arrows in Sons of the Forest

To be able to use your beautiful freshly made handmade bow, you must of course also have some arrows in your possession. Again, the boss is taught to your character by default as soon as you arrive on the island, you just need to collect some freely accessible components to finally start shooting anything that moves.

  • 4x Pebble : Look on the ground and collect the small stones there. Not to be confused with the Stones which is of no use to this boss!
  • 2x Staff: Cut bushes or small bushes to get some quickly, it’s an extremely easy and quick element to edit
  • 2x Feather:
Sons of the Forest

The most complex part of making this ammunition is getting springs. To achieve this, the most effective way is to use a birdhouse using your guide book (standard B). This must be placed in height, for example on a cliff or a house, and requires 18 Sticks to be able to be crafted, an element that is very easily available as explained earlier.

Sons of the Forest

As fast as the birdhouse is made, just wait for the birds to come and stay there. They leave feathers in their wake in the birdhouse that you can quietly collect to make your own Arrows. This will save you from having to hunt seagulls or birds of any kind on the island using a Javelinor even worse with a melee weapon.

Sons of the Forest Tent: How to make your first shelter

If you’ve just landed in Sons of the Forest, one of the first things you should do is set up a tent to rest and create a refreshment point in case you drop by, believe us, you can still use it.

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