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Vault of Zskera WoW: All about this new mini-dungeon from the Forbidden Reaches

by Ana Lopez
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Introduced in game with World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7, the Safe by Zskera is the closest thing to a mini-dungeon in which the player must progress alone following a series of puzzles and provided that he has at least boundaries forbidden, the “new” part of this small update. In this guide we explain everything you need to know about this rather special “mini-dungeon”.

How to access Zskera’s Vault in Dragonflight

One of the great strengths of the Vault of Zskera is that it’s extremely easy to access when you first land on Patch 10.0.7. Indeed, you only need to complete a handful of quests to get straight there, here are:

  • Hidden legacies
  • Back to the borders
  • wings of grace
  • Rolled laminators
  • A heterogeneous concordat
  • Ardenthal is waiting for you
  • The bravest among us
  • A helping hand or claw (at Morqut Village near Squammandante Viridia)
  • Exploring our past (at Morqut Village near Squammandante Viridia)

After completing the quest A helping hand or claw you get the quest Zskera Az Vault close to Guide jeb. This then also unlocks the quest The keys you need near Guide Tacha that you give directly and without reluctance 6 Zskera Vault Keysa new type of item that you will need in the future to access the chests in the Vault.

  • Important : All characters have access to these 6 free keys and since they are linked to the account you can misuse them. Plus, after completing the aforementioned sequel to one of your characters, anyone can skip it and they only need to complete three very short quests to access these free keys!
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Zskera Vault: The basics you need to know

From the moment you unlock it on your character, the Az Vault of Zskera can be accessed at any time by interacting with the Accompany Jeb. This access is not linked to the account, as explained above, you need to complete a few very quick missions to access your secondary characters.

When entering the basement you have a long staircase in front of you. Go down and come face to face with a miniboss, theAracnorreuras well as some minor enemies, the weavers of safe. Kill them just to be safe, these creatures will only reappear when you re-enter the Vault of Zskera, never once you’re inside.

You will then notice that there are some closed doors in front of you. And that’s where the Zskera Vault Keys come into play as you can open a door with each key. The contents of the mini safes hidden behind each of these doors are completely random and vary from character to character, and you’ll need to solve the puzzles in some of these rooms to access the top doors.

World of Warcraft

Because yes, Zskera’s vault actually contains a total of 42 locked doors, so it takes a total of 42 Zskera Vault Keys to be fully unlocked. Basically, you can easily access only 7 of them: 5 on the ground floor and 2 through the Canvas Cords located on either side of the vault’s main room.

You will also find one in the main room on your first visit unusual ring to the ground. Pick it up to launch a series of missions to explore the possibilities of Patch 10.0.7’s new ring: thering of onyx. Since the topic is a bit complicated, we have written a special guide on this topic to make it clearer.

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Where can I find Zskera Vault keys?

THE Zskera Vault Keys are generally very easy to edit if you play World of Warcraft relatively regularly. To obtain them, you have four options and must go deeper into the Forbidden Reaches in search of rare creatures, chests or elemental overflows:

  • High chance of falling on all the rare creatures of Forbidden Reach
  • Low drop chance on all non-Rare Forbidden Reach creatures
  • Guaranteed availability of Forbidden reaches Forbidden Treasures
  • Little chance of getting into Curiosities Bags bought before 2000 Elementary overflows near Catalog Daela Bee Village Deadat Forbidden Borders
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Zskera Vault Riddles

To progress in the Vault of Zskera, you need to be cunning, as many rooms it contains are subject to puzzle. Solving it unlocks a bonus that seems useless at first glance, but turns out to be important when entering other rooms.

Concrete example : If you enter a room that is completely filled with flames, you will not be able to open the chests that are there. But if you find a flaming crystal in another room and click on it, you’ll get a bonus, the Protective Flame Aegis, which will allow you to enter this room while being immune to fire damage, which will allow you to open the chests and other items in there. are.

A hall guarded by an Arcane Guardian - World of Warcraft
A room guarded by an Arcane Guardian

There are a number of different puzzles and you have to be smart to solve them. If you ever wanted the solution to all the ones we know so far, here it is:

  • Burning Chamber: Grab theProtective aegis of the flames by clicking one red crystal to gain immunity from fire damage
  • Room with an Arcane Guardian: Grab theArcane Reflective Aegis by clicking one blue crystal to gain immunity to Arcane damage
  • Frozen Room: Find one Empty bottle of Obsidian on the floor in one of the rooms, then fill it in a red cauldron to get a Vial of Flames that you can throw on the floor to melt the ice
  • Messy Chest: Find one Empty bottle of Obsidian on the floor in one of the rooms, then enter it a green kettle to get a Stone Remover that you can throw on the rubble to clear the access to the chest

However, there are many more tips and bonuses in Zskera’s Vault. For example, know that there is a bonus that allows you to propel yourself a short distance, which gives you easier access to the upper rooms. Another gives you the ability to create a door in the distance that you can teleport directly to, useful for accessing upper rooms! And this is only a small part of the possibilities.

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