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Mika Genshin Impact: Building, Weapons, Resources and Artifacts

by Ana Lopez
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On Genshin Impact, Mika is a four-star character with a spear. It first came to the game on March 21, 2023, via patch 3.5.

Mika is a support whose skills differ from other healers in the game. His healing can be decent (especially for a 4 star), but unfortunately his full potential depends on too many criteria. For example, to take advantage of the character 100%, you need several enemies in your sights, but above all a strongly “constelled” Mika. Having it in C6 is almost a mandatory requirement to maximize its usefulness. That said, it’s a support that can be viable for your physical teams.

Recommended weapons

Spear of Favonius

4 star spear

Secondary stat: replenish energy

How to get it: Wishes

Critical hits from attacks have a 60% chance to generate a small amount of elemental particles that restore 6 energy. This effect can be activated every 12 seconds.

The catch

4 star spear

Secondary stat: replenish energy

Gain: Wishes/Boots

Increases elemental fury damage by 16% and critical speed by 6%.

black brush

3 star spear

Secondary Stat: HP%

Gain: Wishes/Boots

Increases damage dealt to Blobs by 40%.


Ocean-Tone Clam

2 equipped rooms: Increases the healing bonus by 15%.

4 equipped rooms : When a character equipped with this artifact set heals a team character, Seafoam appears for 3 seconds, accumulating the amount of HP recovered from the healing (including any excess over 100%). At the end of the duration, the seafoam will explode and deal damage to nearby enemies equal to 90% of the total heal (this damage is calculated the same as shock and overconduct reactions, but is not affected by elemental mastery, character levels or elemental reaction damage bonuses). One Seafoam can be spawned every 3.5 seconds, and each Seafoam can collect up to 30,000 HP, including over 100% excess. Only one seafoam can exist at a time. This effect can be triggered even if the character equipped with this artifact set is part of the team but not deployed.

ancient royal ritual

2 furnished rooms : Increases the damage dealt by elemental furies by 20%.

4 equipped rooms : Increases the attack of all characters in the team by 20% for 12 seconds after an elemental rampage. This effect does not stack.

Suggested main stats (in order)

  • PV flat
  • flat attack
  • HP%
  • HP%
  • HP%

Sub-metrics to search for (in order of priority)

  • HP%
  • Top up energy
  • PV flat
  • Crit percentage

Zodiac sign to pick up

This is the big flaw that we can blame Mika for: he only really becomes viable C6. His sixth zodiac sign stands out, as it allows him to become a large physical damage buffer.

Companion’s counselor

Increases the maximum number of stacks by detectors which is available through Soulwind from Starfrost Swirl of 1. The Passive Power “fast fire removal must already be unlocked.
In addition, inset characters are affected by state soul wind have increased their physical DMGs CRIT DMG by 60%.

To play with:


Eula stands out as the perfect physical DPS to team up with the buffs of Mike.


Fischl will be perfect in sub-DPS to trigger Super behavior. And if you have it in C6, then there is the pompon because it can also generate a lot of energy.


Zhongli is the perfect support for this composition, as he will be able to lower the physical resistance of surrounding enemies. allowing your Eula to surpass itself in damage!

For more guides and tips on Genshin Impact, don’t hesitate to check out our full walkthrough of the game with all the character builds, the location of the resources to collect in the world of Teyvat, or the quests for each update.

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