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Ringlet of onyx WoW: All about the special ring of Patch 10.0.7

by Ana Lopez
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Introduced in game with World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7, thering of onyx is a new ring that gives the holder new powers Primordial stones which can be shrunk into it. Everything happens on the side of Forbidden borders and Zskera’s vault, so we’ll guide you to fully understand how it works and optimize its use!

How do you get Onyx Ringlet in Dragonflight?

To access thering of onyx, you must have completed the Forbidden Reaches introductory missions. These start automatically when you first log in to Patch 10.0.7 with the quest Hidden legacies. This is the same quest required to access the Vault of Zskera, check out our dedicated guide to learn more.

When you first set foot in the Vault of Zskera, you will find in the main room that there is a quest waiting for you. It is given by a small object on the ground, theunusual ringwho rewards you with thering of onyx.

  • After this quest, you can also buy others Onyx rings close to Researcher Imareth Bee Morqut village to quickly switch between multiple ring configurations if desired.

After that you will unlock another quest that will allow you to get the additional features of this ring: Original embellishment. To succeed, you need to open some very specific doors of Zskera’s vault, take a good look at your mini-map and open the doors where the indicated and named points are located jewelry package And Primal anvil.

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Where can you find the Primeval Stones for the Ringlet of Onyx?

The concept behind the Ringet of Onyx is quite simple and very reminiscent of the Gems of Domination from Patch 9.1 of Shadowlands, or the Maps of Mechagon from Patch 8.2 of Battle for Azeroth. The idea here is that this ring only offers one stat, Stamina, by default and has an item level of 405.

But by Primal Stones in thering of onyx, you can give it up to three different additional effects that enhance your character, at a rate of one effect per stone and thus three stones that can be placed. Each of these bricks has a base item level of 411, and it is the average of the level of the three quiver bricks that contributes to the total item level of thering of onyxthe maximum possible is 424.

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There are a total of 24 Primordial Stones in World of Warcraft, each with a specific bonus and can interact with certain other Primordial Stones. They can be obtained randomly in certain contents of the Forbidden Reaches:

  • Searching Zskera’s vault
  • By clearing a Forbidden Reach “Mega Storm”.
  • In the Stormbound Chest
  • By buying one Magic condensed close to Researcher Imareth Bee Morqut villageUnpleasant Forbidden borders

Obtaining a Primal Stone is completely random. The only way to more accurately align one stone to another is to buy a condensed primordial stone from the Researcher Imareth Bee Village by Morqut in exchange for 10 Inert primordial fragments as each condensed stone can only provide certain specific gems, greatly limiting the luck factor. Here are all the existing condensed stones and what stones they correspond to:

Condensed fire magic

Unstable Felstone

Stone licked by the flames

Furious magma stone

Smoldering firestone

Condensed Frost Magic

Froststone bite

heavy water stone

Floating steam stone

Stinging ice stone

Condensed Earthly Magic

Superb ironstone

Indomitable earth stone

Brilliant Obsidian Stone

Condensed nature magic

Ringing Thunderstone

Pestilent epidemic stone

Storm drenched stone

nature spirit stone

carved wind stone

Condensed arcane magic

Buzzing Arcane Stone

harmonic music stone

dark pastel stone

Sparkling Manastone

Condensed Necromantic Magic

Greedy Bloodstone

Necromantic Death Stone

Condensed shadow magic

Prophetic Twilight Stone

Swirling Mojo Stone

  • Important Note: So far, that’s by far the best single-target DPS setup Greedy Bloodstone (Necromantic), Booming Arcane Stone (Arcana) and Prophetic Twilight Stone (Shadow). it’s a really huge gain in DPS on single target encounters whether you’re playing a Tank, a Healer or a DPS and regardless of your class or spec.

Upgrade Stones

Improving Primal Stones is relatively easy, but requires using the ordering system with a jeweler in your kingdom. This must be the Design: Unstable Elementiuma rare loot from the rare creature amethyst which must be summoned by a jeweler in Forbidden Reaches.

To upgrade each primordial stone, you must deliver a total of 10 Inert primordial fragments and 25 Silky gemstone fabric at the time of the order Unstable Elementium. Each unstable elementium increases the level of the targeted primordial stone by 6, up to a maximum of level increases (from 411 to 418, then from 418 to 424).

  • In the order interface, search for “Unstable Elementium“, it’s this object you need to craft to improve your Primal Stones.

The item level of thering of onyx then increases according to the average level of all Primal Stones placed there. The ring then only offers more stamina based on the item level. Leveling up a Primal Stone, however, also (unsurprisingly) increases its effectiveness.

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Remove or destroy primordial stones

Last but not least, you have the option to remove the Primal Stones set within you ring of onyx without destroying them. You can also destroy the ones you don’t need. To do this, you must have completed the quest Original embellishment obtained after getting hold of thering of onyx.

Remove a Primeval Stone from the Ringlet of Onyx

To remove a Primal Stone set within you ring of onyxapproach the Primal jewelry package is located to the left ofHam’uritthe blacksmith of Morqut village (coordinates 34.96, 57.28). An action button will then appear in the middle of your screen: take out the stone decisive. By clicking on it, you can then click on your ring of onyx to remove one of the gems placed there without having to destroy it, so that you can use it again later or even destroy it afterwards if you wish!

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Destroy a primordial stone

The destruction of a Primal Stone is an important part of the progression of your other stones. This allows you to buy large quantities indeed Inert primordial fragmentsallowing you to not only buy other Primal Stones, but also improve them, as explained above.

To destroy a Primeval Stone, approach the anvil on which Ham’urit Bee Morqut village (coordinates 35.10, 57.39). An action button will then appear in the middle of your screen: Smash the primordial stone. By clicking on it, you can target any Primordial Stone in your inventory to completely destroy it and get 6 Inert primordial fragments Certainly.

  • Attention : Destroying a Primeval Stone removes it from your inventory and you must obtain it again to gain its power. Choose well!
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