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Summoners War Chronicles: Naomi guide, runes, build and composition

by Ana Lopez
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Naomi is the awakened transformation of the Nat 4 Martial Cat monster wind in Summoner’s War Chronicles. And it’s one of the best early game monsters you can collect. Not only is it a Wind assassin that will prove particularly useful in PVE in certain game content, but it’s also a monster that can later “recycle” in PVP to win in Arena. Naomi deals phenomenal damage to a Nat 4 and falls into the “Boss Slayers” category; she also has abilities that are explicitly aimed at eliminating bosses!

build ATK

  • Set Rage (4): Critical Damage +40%
  • Set Blade (2): Critical Percentage +12%
Summoners War Chronicles

Substatistics for priority search

  • ATK %
  • ATQ flat
  • CRIT damage

Naomi goes dish much with his ATK. This is really the stat to go first for all your runes here. BEEHowever, be careful with the Crit Rate stats. : Naomi already “generates” it naturally from her kit, so don’t look for it too much via the sub-stats or you’ll break the 100% ceiling.

Naomi’s package

energy punch

CD: 24 seconds

Mana cost: 3

Hit hard to attack the enemy target and apply increased CRit damage. Applies an additional ATK reduction if the target is a boss.

To beat

CD: 24 seconds

Mana cost: 3

Jump and lightly kick the enemy target to attack and apply the bleeding effect.

Tiger appearance

Increases the CRIT percentage and CRIT damage in proportion to the number of damaging effects on the target when dealing damage with the ability.

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