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Diablo 4: The best class builds to play on the open beta

by Ana Lopez
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The wait will have been long, but Diablo 4 will open its doors unconditionally to the general public for the first time on March 24, 2023 with the beta. For just over three days, you’ll have the chance to explore the first act of the game, and most importantly, play through all the classes. Unless you’re planning on running a real marathon almost without sleep, it’s going to be hard to play them all at a high level, so you’ll have to choose which one or which to play.

But it doesn’t stop there, you also have to choose how to play it. Deciding to go with a specific theme has its charm, and it can be quite viable, even quite effective. But if you’re looking for achievements, or don’t want to worry about where to place your talent points to create synergies, know that players have already designed some formidable Meta builds, which will save you a lot of time at all levels . and will help you overcome the beta’s biggest challenges. More builds will be added in the coming days.

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Let’s start with the class considered the most powerful at the moment, although we don’t know if this will continue to be the case with the full game and at higher levels. The Sorcerer has a lot of really powerful and varied builds: ice, fire, incantation, multi-elemental hybrids with madness. Although some spells are common such as Hydra and Teleportation. At least you’re spoiled for choice here. Here’s a selection of some of the best.


The thief is a hybrid by definition, allowing him to play in melee or ranged. And that’s a good thing, since melee combat is pretty deadly right now in Diablo 4. You really need to know what you’re doing and play well to survive some bosses. We therefore offer you two types of builds: the first allows you to act like an Assassin, who appears in the back to stab his target before he flees, the other allows you to imitate a demon hunter and shoot his enemies with a hail of arrows and traps. .


The heavy-duty nag has plenty of really fun builds to play, at least on normal enemies and elites: Whirlwind, Hammer of the Ancients, etc. However, it really suffers from some bosses, as the Barbarian doesn’t really have ranged abilities. The damage therefore accumulates very quickly and death can occur almost immediately. The class is clearly in the “bottom” of its power curve in the available tier class, this may be due to the absence of its Expertise ability, which is not available in beta. In any case, this greatly limits really successful builds. It’s not the most popular concept, but the tanky bleed and thorn based Barbarian fares better than the rest.

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Since the Necromancer was not playable in Preview or Early Access, it’s not yet clear what works best for this class (and Druid by extension). We will therefore quickly offer you a build, as soon as we have been able to test it, and consult the best builds designed by the various experts in the genre. But rest assured, the Necromancer has a reputation for being an incredibly easy class to level up, which should have no trouble leveling up in the beta, as the various undead minions will kill and tank enemies for it. You can also bet on shadow spells (curses, damage over time), blood spells and corpses.

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As with the Necromancer, the top performing Druid builds on the beta are currently unknown. It takes some theory building and experimentation, and we’re sure to come up with something that works quickly. There are three possible themes for Druid builds: Elements (Rock, Lightning, and Wind), Pets (Wolves, Crows, Vines), and Wolf/Werebear Transformations, which promote melee combat. Since the druid’s special ability won’t be available in the beta, there’s a good chance that fighting in melee will be particularly painful, for the same reasons as for the barbarian. In the beginning it will certainly be wiser to go with a mix of invocations and range spells.

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