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Stormbound Chest: How does this special Forbidden Reach chest work?

by Ana Lopez
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Since the implementation of Patch 10.0.7 of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, new ways to efficiently acquire gear have appeared in the new part of the game introduced by this update: boundaries forbidden. Among these acquisition methods, in particular, we find a small and very mysterious chest that seems to break the head of more than one player, and not without reason: the Storm bound chest ! In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about it.

  • As of March 23, 2023, this event is buggy and not working as it should.

Where can you find the Stormbound Chest in Dragonflight?

THE Storm bound chest is the purpose of a special event of boundaries forbiddenthe “new” area of ​​Patch 10.0.7: thetrial of the storms. When this happens, about every 1h30, a chest appears at the coordinates 48.87, 73.21 at thefrozen needle and then a series of mini-scenarios are launched.

World of Warcraft

For the duration of the event, the Stormbound Chest is locked. Only after all stages of the Trial of the Storms mini-scenario have been completed will players who participated in the unlock be able to get the loot inside. Notable awards include:

  • A random “primalistic” armor, the Primalistic Mail Spaulders for example level 385
  • a Zskera Vault key
  • A varying amount Elementary overflows
  • a Condensed magic stone

How do I open the Stormbound Chest in Forbidden Reaches?

In practice, the Trial of the Storms is an event very similar to the other trials present in the other areas of Dragonflight: the Trial of the Tides of the Plains of Ohn’ahra and the Trial of the Elements of Thaldraszus. This is a four-stage series where players must complete specific objectives to unlock the Stormbound Chest containing the loot they covet.

This is the summoning phase where all nearby players can be alerted that the Stormbound chest is active. A large chest then appears south of their Forbidden Reaches map, indicating that the event is taking place there. You then have 60 seconds to reach this point, after which Phase 2 begins.

World of Warcraft

During this second phase, all players present must fight successive waves of rather weak elemental creatures. Killing them grants elemental charges (at the rate of one elemental charge per creature killed) in the form of a debuff, up to a maximum of 20 elemental charges per player.

On the sides of the two mountains that surround the Storm-Rimmed Chest, you’ll see four Lightning Rods placed there. When you get close to them, you can use the new action button that appeared in the center of your screen at this stage to discharge all your elemental charges into the lightning rod closest to you.

Each lightning rod must be charged with 25 elemental charges to be saturated. Only when the four lightning conductors are overloaded will phase 3 begin.

World of Warcraft

This third one is very easy, as you just have to overcome a mini-boss similar to those of other events of the same type. A huge Charged Drake appears and by killing him you can finally move on to stage 4 of the Trial of the Storms.

World of Warcraft

This is the players favorite phase: the loot! Just pick up the loot in the Stormbound chest to end the event and get back to your company.

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