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Summoners War Chronicles: magic core, where to find it?

by Ana Lopez
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The universe of Summoners War Chronicles is full of small items that you will pick up during your adventure, without being able to use them right away. It is much later in your journey that you suddenly start looking for it. This is especially the case with magical cores And Weak magic coresthat accumulate in your bags without you realizing it, and for good reason: you will receive them most of all during your AFK farming sessions.

Where do you find weak magic cores?

Weak magic cores fall from monsters that populate certain regions of the game. booty very basic, and the best way to farm them is to start repeated battles in auto mode in certain parts of the world.

here is non-exhaustive list of areas where monsters can drop weak magical cores :

  • Sokelo Gorge (Tesca)
  • Sakal Desert (Tesca)
  • Luminous Forest (Ayah)
  • Paloos (Ayah)

A few tips to optimize your Magic Cores farm:

  • Work in areas where monsters are weaker than you.
  • Don’t hesitate to change the channel to meet fewer players if too many summoners are also searching the area in auto mode.
  • Don’t forget to move in such a way that you breed different types of monsters and thus increase the elimination thresholds in your Creature Book.

Where can I find Magic Cores in my inventory?

You keep Magic Cores in your bag once you’ve collected them.

You can find them in the rightmost section, in the Crafting Components tab of your bag.

Summoners War Chronicles

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