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Diablo 4 Power Codex: how does saving legendary powers work in the beta?

by Ana Lopez
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If you played Diablo 3 less than a decade ago, the principles behind the Codex of Power should sound pretty familiar to you, as they have a lot in common with Kanai’s Cube. However, Diablo 4 does not simply copy it, since it takes on a different effect in practice. To recap very briefly, it asks you to complete the side dungeons of the game to unlock special legendary powers that you can use to improve your equipment.

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Operation and general

The Codex of Power comes into play only after reaching the first city, with its Occultisticreaching the level 15and have completed at least one of the 114 side dungeons of the game Yes, there are many. Each dungeon gives you one unique reward if you complete it for the first time : a legendary power called aspect, enshrined in the famous codex. You can see what power each dungeon unlocks by hovering your cursor over the icon that indicates its position on the map.

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  • These aspects are quite similar to Legendary items in the game, but you can freely transfer their power to multiple types of gear depending on your preference.
  • You can transfer power to rare (yellow) or higher quality items.
  • But don’t expect to be able to transfer them anywhere, there are limitations. Some powers must necessarily be transferred to a weapon, for example.
  • The same force does not accumulate on itselfif you use it on multiple devices at the same time.
  • The bonus of some powers is increased depending on the location, they receive +50% on the amulet and up to +100% on a two-handed weapon, if applicable.
  • If you apply a new aspect to a Legendary item, the Legendary power will be lost.
  • You cannot use a new aspect on an item you have already administered. The procedure can only be performed once. You can’t extract it either.
  • Know that the powers of the codex are not unique, you can find legendary items in the game, with similar, but more powerful powers. You’ll have to use them, or extract their power and transfer them manually.
  • The importance of the codex is mainly to provide you with a reliable way to obtain the powers needed to improve your character or create the build you want. Of course, at first we don’t know where all the dungeons are, and there are plenty of them in higher regions. It is not possible to unlock all the necessary powers immediately. However, you can choose which dungeons to do first.
  • Your Codex of Power is shared by all your characters in the same game mode. This means seasonal and extreme characters are separate. But at least there’s no need to redo every dungeon with every character.
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  • You can access all aspects with each character, but not all of them are of interest to the class you play in. Many aspects are tied to a particular class spell or ability, but others are multiclass.
  • You can apply different filters to find your way in the list. You can already check the box to see only useful aspects for your class, then in different categories such as attack, defense, mobility, resources and utilities.
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Extraction and infusion of legendary aspects

Later, you can also get powers directly from legendary objects. But beware, this permanently destroys the object. The aspect is not added to the Power Codex. Instead, it is stored in a special tab in your inventory. However, its use is similar, you just need to get the bonus in the inventory, rather than on the pages of the Codex.

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