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Tchia: List of all animals and their uses in Soul Leap

by Ana Lopez
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The originality of Tchia, in addition to the colorful graphics and the journey to New Caledonia it offers, lies in the gameplay with the possibility of transferring his soul to certain objects and animals. Here is the list of powers that you can then acquire by possessing an animal.

How does Soul Leap work?

This is the magical ability that some residents can use, such as Tchia. Thanks to the power concentrated in her eye, the young girl can then transfer her soul into an object or an animal to benefit from it. Go faster with a deer, cut chains with a crab… Below is the full list of animals you can use in the game.

On PC you normally need to use the wheel click to perform a soul transfer (you can change this key), then aim at the animal and use the left mouse button. Press the click wheel again to leave the animal. Beware, staying in a creature will use up your soul meter. You can increase it by carving totems and visiting their respective temples.


The list of animals and their use

In total there are 38 different animals which you can control by crossing them in the open world. Some aren’t much use, while others are essential to your exploration. We’ve listed them below by asset class:

The birds

It allows you to fly long distances. Very useful for exploring islands by flying over them. The Natoue, the Seagull or the Turtledove are some of them. You can also poop.

The chicken

Chickens can lay explosive eggs! This is useful for one of the main storyline missions.

To scratch

Full-sized crabs are useful for cutting cables and other chains, such as in one of the game’s missions. The coconut crab can even climb trees.

The cats

Cats have night vision which allows them to see better in the dark.


Dogs can dig in the ground.


Pigs can dig in the ground.

The cows

You can produce and keep explosive fertilizer to destroy fabric villains or factories.

The giant gecko

You can climb absolutely anything.

The deer

This allows you to go over the ground very quickly.

The insects

The coconut locust allows you to fly, but the Scolopendra is useless.

The fish

In addition to the striped knit, all the fish you find underwater will help you swim faster. The same goes for the sea turtle.

The dolphin and the shark

The dolphin makes it possible to swim even faster and even sprint to make your water excursions much more enjoyable. The same goes for the shark.

Tchia: full story walkthrough

Are you stuck in a specific place in Tchia’s main scenario? For example, to cut the chains in the factory or laboratory or to look for a chicken egg? Here is the complete solution of the adventure guiding you step by step.

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