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Summoners War Chronicles: Hellea guide, runes, build and composition

by Ana Lopez
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Summoners War Chronicles: Hellea guide, runes, build and composition

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What are the runes you should put on your Dark Harpy (Hellea)? How do you get the most out of this Nat 3 monster when you’re free to play? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Here we give you the most efficient builds on this character from SW Chronicles.

Hellea is the awakened transformation of the Nat 3 Harpy monster Darkness in Summoner’s War Chronicles. This is a free-to-play monster that is one of the starters that needs to be mounted. Hellea will serve you everywhere, but especially in your farming thanks to her second ability that allows her to deal massive damage while reducing your opponent’s defenses and leaving a mark on him to destroy those who stand in your way.

Build DPS

  • Knife set (2): critical rate +12%
  • anger set (4): Critical Damage +40%
  • Fatal set (4): Attack +35%

Runes 2/4/6 Core Stats

  • Rune 2: Attack %
  • Rune 4: Critical Damage
  • Rune 6: Attack %
Summoners War Chronicles

Substatistics for priority search

  • Crit percentage
  • Critical damage
  • Offensive %
  • Accuracy of effects
  • The priority with this monster is to be able to place both the defense breaker and the marker to deal the most soot damage to your opponents.

Hellea’s package

Fox hunting

CD: 18 seconds (14 seconds at level 6)

Mana cost: 2

Attacks the enemy target by flapping its wings 2 times and stuns the target with a 50% chance (or 65% at level 6) for 2-3.2 seconds if the last hit is a critical hit.

charming voice

CD: 30 seconds (26 seconds at level 6)

Mana cost: 4

Effect application rate: 50% (65% at max level)

Uses its ferocious claws to attack the enemy target and applies a level 1 defense reduction and increased damage received (marker) to each hit with a fixed probability. In addition, it activates the combo ability (Sign of Death) two more times.

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