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Lifespan Tchia: How long does it take to complete the game at 100%?

by Ana Lopez
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Your adventure in New Caledonia started on March 21, 2023 on PC and PlayStation (also available for PS Plus Premium subscribers)! The chance to embody Tchia and take advantage of the leap of the soul to travel in the guise of a deer, a turtle or even a chicken. But how long will it take you to finish it all? Thanks to our extensive testing, we can tell you.

Complete Tchia’s main story

The scenario of the indie game developed by Awaceb is quite short. It is necessary to count between 7 and 10 am, in a straight line, to complete the 9 chapters of the story. You can also find our full walk-through of the adventure below if you’re stuck on a specific location, such as getting the chicken egg or releasing the bird in the factory.

As a reminder, your goal is to understand your origins and free your father from the clutches of Meavora, a terrible god who currently rules the islands. Thanks to your power, you can face some fabric monsters and find rare items to honor Custom by offering them to the inhabitants you encounter.

Tchia: full story walkthrough

Are you stuck in a specific place in Tchia’s main scenario? For example, to cut the chains in the factory or laboratory or to look for a chicken egg? Here is the complete solution of the adventure guiding you step by step.

How long for 100%?

If you want to get 100% progress in the game or get platinum by completing all achievements on PlayStation, it will take much longer. Count about twenty hours, or even thirty hours, depending on your speed. Indeed, to get all the trophies, you need to collect all the collectibles in the open world: cosmetics for Chia, campfires, stamina fruits or even treasure chests.

In short, even though Tchia is a game that remains quite simplistic, you can enjoy plenty of activities as you travel through the sublime landscapes of New Caledonia.

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