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Sons of the Forest shovel: where to find this essential tool?

by Ana Lopez
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As you progress through the strange and creepy forest of Sons of the Forest, sooner or later you’ll need a shovel to access various items in the crash zone. Unfortunately, unlike many other items, the shovel cannot be crafted by hand, you must unlock it! And that’s good, because in this guide we explain how to proceed, and hold on, because you’re not at the end of your troubles yet.

Find the Sons of the Forest’s shovel

The shovel is undoubtedly one of the first really difficult items you can find during your adventure in Sons of the Forest. This difficulty is not only due to the fact that you have to unlock this object instead of making it like most of the others available in the game, but also and above all you need other objects that are available at the beginning of the game to access it!

Here are the items you absolutely need to get the shovel:

  1. 1x diving equipment
  2. 1x Rope gun

Once you have these two items, head to the cave at the base of the snowy mountain on the island where your crash site is. Slowly following the road north of the beach, you should come across a first camp with interesting elements for the rest of your adventure.

Sons of the Forest

After this first camp, the fastest way is to cut through the forest until you reach the cave. However, it is quite risky, especially in the higher difficulty settings, so we recommend that you take the route. In any case, you should eventually come across another camp where a radio plays music in a loop and at a fairly high volume. Here you will find a lot of amenities, but also and especially the Modern Ax that will finally replace your old Tactical Ax, which is a bit seedy, let’s face it.

Sons of the Forest

As you enter, hold on to the rope that is connected to you on the other side of the cave pistol Nasty rope. Then dive underwater with you Dive equipment and just follow the water path that stretches out in front of you. Be careful when exiting, because depending on your difficulty level, several rather weak creatures can act as welcome committees.

Sons of the Forest

Continue your journey in a very linear fashion until you land on a very slippery slope, leaving you with no choice but to go down this slide until you arrive in a huge pond. Head out to find enough supplies without encountering the slightest threat, then continue your progress until you reach a new large room where some creatures await you (again variable depending on the difficulty chosen), then another even larger room where many creatures await you (always variable depending on the mode).

Sons of the Forest

After defeating all those nasty critters, don’t forget to pick up the items you can find in this room, because there you will find some particularly horrible supplies, starting with a few Pomegranates but also the Torch confirmation, name a few! Then continue your progress at the bottom of this room through a relatively long culminating corridor with a narrow underwater passage, which again requires you to call on your Dive equipment.

After you reach the end of the tunnel (literally), a large number of creatures await you, depending on the difficulty level chosen. After defeating them all, you finally have access to the corpse of what appears to be a worker on which your precious sesame sits: the Spade !

Sons of the Forest

To exit the cave, retrace your steps in the hallway that precedes the great room that was invaded by monsters, the room where lies a man similar to the one who held your shovel. As you pass, a huge creature will destroy the wall to your left. kill her (a Garnet is very effective and sufficient), and you are finally outside!

Sons of the Forest

Utility of the shovel

Over there Spade is an important part of the progression of Sons of the Forest, as like all shovels in the world, it allows for digging. What makes it important in this game is that it allows you to discover buried treasures, for example by “treasures” we mainly mean graves that can contain all kinds of provisions. This is a very important element, and if you dig almost everywhere, sooner or later you will discover things that will interest you to progress in the game, that’s for sure!

For example, you can start digging at the base of the three graves located at this location on the GPS, for example, just in case:

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

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