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Sons of the Forest Rope Gun: where to find this essential tool?

by Ana Lopez
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As you travel through the strange and terrifying forest of Sons of the Forest, there is one element you must necessarily call upon to access various content near your crash site: the Rope Gun! Unfortunately, unlike many other items, the Rope Gun cannot be crafted, you must unlock it!

Get the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

Obtaining the Rope Gun is much more complex than, say, scuba equipment, just to name a few. You’ll need to progress long enough in the forest to access it, which is why you’ll need to take a few breaks, and you’ll probably even have to fight several opponents along the way. Prepare accordingly!

The Rope Gun can be found in a cave at the base of the central snow mountain on the island where you crashed. Here is the position on the GPS:

Sons of the Forest

The cave you’re looking for is located near a large lake and a waterfall (which you may not see depending on the path you take, but you will hear water dripping at the cave entrance). Ideally, you will bring both a torch and a spear, of which here are the components needed for production:

  • Torch: 1x Stick1x Dust
  • Javelin: 2x Stick1x Knife1x Chatterton

Although very large, this cave is actually not very complicated to explore and you probably won’t get lost in it, or at least not for long. As with all elements of Sons of the Forest, make sure you explore every corner of this cavern, as you’ll discover components that will become available to you as you progress. for you, deal with it or not.

Continue straight ahead until you reach a room where two paths are offered. The one on the right is a dead end, so turn left until you meet a rather disgusting enemy blocking your way. The range is extremely short, so equip yourself with your spear to overcome it at a reasonable distance without taking the slightest damage and thus be able to continue your progress.

Sons of the Forest

In the large room after this hideous creature, go to the right. You should see hanged men on the way, go straight on your right until you find new hanged men. Continue left, you should be taking a very steep path that activates a mini slide. Go straight ahead !

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

In the large room where you arrive, just follow the course of the stream that flows through the middle. The path is quite long, but eventually you should see a projector hanging from the ceiling: it’s in the right direction! Keep going, you’ll see a lot of dead bodies (sometimes hanged, again). If you follow the very linear path from here you will come across a fork. On the right you will find a newspaper article and some parts, but that is a dead end.

On the left, on the other hand, you follow another long steep path that, after crawling through a small entrance in the wall, leads you to the very object of your desires: the Rope Gun!

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

To exit the cave, you can retrace your steps and walk endlessly to the exit, or use your new toy. To do this, pull up to the wall below to pull a rope in that direction, then pull close to you to do a zipline. All you have to do is take it to find a “secret” exit!

Usefulness of the rope gun

The Rope Gun is an essential tool for progression in Sons of the Forest. It allows the holder to take ziplines from point A to point B, guaranteeing access to certain parts of the island that would normally be inaccessible. Its effectiveness is especially important in caves, although there is some interest in it outside as well.

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