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Hogwarts Legacy respawn time: how long does it take for enemies to respawn?

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Hogwarts Legacy respawn time: how long does it take for enemies to respawn?


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In this new Hogwarts Legacy guide, we explain which objects and enemies can reappear after you pick them up or eliminate them in the open world and, most importantly, how long it takes before you can respawn them again.

Since Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy is an open world RPG, you will have to travel through many regions to complete your missions and you will inevitably encounter chests, puzzles and other bandit camps along the way. But can objects and enemies reappear afterwards?

Things that can’t respawn

In reality, only normal enemies can respawn on the map, as well as ingredients and magical creatures. This implies that everything else is definitely gained when picked up or defeated when knocked out:

  • Normal and Legendary Gear Chests in the Wild and Dungeons,
  • eye boxes,
  • Collection chests, whether with butterflies or those in camps and dungeons,
  • Treasure chests in caves,
  • Merlin’s Trials,
  • Balloons, astronomy tables, landing pads and other labyrinths,
  • Known enemies (mini boss),
  • All puzzles on Hogwarts : butterfly paintings, symbol doors, Hogwarts secrets, wizard guide pages, statues, braziers, etc.

When do enemies respawn?

Fortunately, if you need to earn experience points or complete your collection by finding all types of enemies in the game and completing Duel Achievements, you can revisit bandit camps or monster dens to fight them again. For this it is important to know how to pass the time in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Once you’ve mastered this feature (you’ll mainly need it for astronomy tables and Demiguise), you can finally use it to spawn enemies to fight again:

  • For the monsters in the caves (muddy, dogs, spiders, trolls, inferi): just teleport somewhere else, use the time pass option 2 times (to cycle for a whole day), and return to the desired lair,
  • For the bandit camps (Goblins, Black Mages, Poachers): You must teleport to another region and then use the option to pass the time 6 or 7 times before returning to the desired location.

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