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Sons of the Forest interactive map: resources, tools… Where to find them all easily?

by Ana Lopez
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We never hold back the Mapgenie developers: just a few days into their work on the Hogwarts Legacy interactive map, the site’s team is already offering an interactive map of Sons of the Forest, less than 24 hours after the start of the early access . As usual, all resources and all major points of interest are indicated by clear icons, greatly facilitating your survival.

Sons of the Forest interactive map

Keep in mind that you start each game in a different location on this huge new island. As in the first game, obtaining certain specific tools is essential to your progression through the scenario the many resources that you can collect in the environment will help you develop your camp little by little. The game stages take place much the same as in the first episode, with survival stages on the surface and more linear and disturbing stages in the forest’s basements.

  • Sons of the Forest interactive map
Sons of the Forest

Anything to survive

As we mentioned above, your progress in the Sons of the Forest scenario will be done through the recovery of the main tools that you will encounter during your exploration, usually in familiar dungeons. Preparation to explore these caves will have to be painstaking, especially in the higher difficulty levels. To help you with this task, as well as show you the best way to recover everything you need, check out our regularly updated full guide below.

Sons of the Forest Tent: How to make your first shelter

If you’ve just landed in Sons of the Forest, one of the first things you should do is set up a tent to rest and create a refreshment point in case you drop by, believe us, you can still use it.

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