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Hogwarts Legacy Butterfly Boxes: Where to find them all on the map?

by Ana Lopez
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Among the top secret collectibles in the game Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy we find the famous chests that only appear after following butterflies in the open world. Here you can find them all.

Why buy butterfly boxes?

You will certainly encounter orange butterflies during your exploration of the open world. By following them, they will take you straight to the location of a collection chest that they magically appear. It is therefore impossible to find the chest without first following the butterflies. These chests are important because they contain wand handles or furniture to complete your Collection and decorate your Room of Requirement.

It is possible to have one she quest explain exactly what butterfly boxes are. Completing it will also earn you the “Follow the Butterflies” trophy, which is also a humorous nod to the second film in the Harry Potter saga where Ron prefers to follow the butterflies rather than the horrible spiders.

Side Quest: Follow the butterflies

  • NPC : Clementine Willardsey
  • Place : Hogsmeade, Three Broomsticks
  • Objectively : Go to the Forbidden Forest and follow the butterflies you find. Refer to the icon on your mini-map to spot the butterflies. Follow them until you find a small chest and then go back to Clementine.
  • Reward : indoor plant furniture on request
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Where can you find all the butterfly chests on the map?

In total there are 15 collection boxes to recover thanks to the butterflies in the open world. Watch out, there’s one that won’t appear on the map: that of the side quest. Note that sometimes you need to use Revelio to spawn the chest once it reaches its final destination.

Below you will find the position of the 14 remaining chests thanks to the interactive map:

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

You can also watch our full video at the top of the article where you can see the exact position of all the butterflies, here’s the list of the corresponding rewards:

  • Forbidden Forest (Side Quest Chest): Armors
  • Forbidden Forest: Tower
  • Pitt-Upon-Ford: Houses
  • West of Jackdaw’s Tomb: Footstool
  • East Hogwarts Valley: very high ground
  • East of Quidditch Stadium: statue of Focifere
  • Under Aranshire: Small rug
  • Hogwarts Valley Center: Trees
  • to the left of the source of ancient magic, east of Pont-Désir
  • Rookwood Castle, right of Pont-Désir: Statue of Thestral
  • Feldcroft North: Magic Tables
  • Feldcroft Catacombs (right): hanging house banners
  • Côte du Collet: shelf for Quidditch equipment
  • South of the Côte du Collet: large decorated tables
  • Cragcroft Shore: Blissful statue

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