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Hogwarts Legacy Wand Grips: The Complete List to Customize Your Magic Tools!

by Ana Lopez
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Being able to customize your character with stylish outfits is great, but what’s even better in Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy is the ability to customize your own wand!

How do you get magic wand handles?

Once your real first wand has been carefully chosen by Ollivander, at the beginning of the adventure, you can no longer change the wood, core, size and shape. On the other hand, you will be able to find covers to customize it as it should! Here are the ways to get wand handles:

  • Find it in the Collection Chests at Hogwarts and in the hamlets,
  • Earn it as a reward with side missions,
  • Complete Secrets of Hogwarts.

The full list of wand handles

In total there are 42 magic wand handles to complete your collection

The 5 side missions that offer rounds

Of the forty rounds to be completed, five can be received as secondary mission rewards.

Arrow – Black

Obtained in the side quest “A Brother’s Destiny” given by Dorothy Sprottle in Campolard-en-haut.

Column – Beige

Obtained in the side quest “Connecting Vessels” given by Althea Twiddle in Irondale.

Spherical – Purple

Obtained in the side quest “Bave de bavboules” given by Zenobia Nokes at Hogwarts.

Bird – gray

Obtained in the side quest “Books to take off” given by Cressida Blumes at Hogwarts.

Wand handles available by exploring

We can’t tell you exactly which handle is where at Hogwarts, as the contents of the chests seem random to complete the collection. Remember that these chests in question are always marked on the map. Note that there is at least one round in every village in the open world, and some places are more complex than others:

  • On the roof of the Music Room: borrow the toad statue to teleport to an inaccessible tower of Hogwarts,
  • On the way to the small prison above the Charms Classroom,
  • By taking the toad statue at the bottom of the stairs of the Teacher’s Tower,
  • In the kitchens of Hogwarts,
  • By putting out some Hogwarts chimneys with Glacius to get underneath!

Colimaçon – Light brown and dark brown

Spiral – Teal

Imperial – Gray and silver

Imperial – Gray and bronze

Botany – Bronze leaf

Botany – Silver Leaf

Column – Teal and Brown

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