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Sons of the Forest Access Card: Where can you find the Keycards to access the Bunkers?

by Ana Lopez
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Evolution in Sons of the Forest is closely tied to getting certain elements called “Card access“, Or “Key cards“. These indeed give you access to the multiple bunkers present on the island, guaranteeing you access to some of the most powerful weapons in the game. Friends also and above all to understand the history that surrounds these mysterious cannibals who act as important opponents on this terrible island We guide you in getting each of the entrance tickets!

Find the maintenance map in Sons of the Forest

Obtaining the Maintenance card first requires you to tackle the Shovel, and thus by extension the Air Rebreather and the Rope Gun, otherwise you won’t be able to access it.

Once all these beautiful people are in your inventory, you have the opportunity to get your first access card: the Maintenance card. These can be found in the northeastern part of the island. The location is indicated by a small green dot surrounded by green and white on your GPS:

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

On site you will find a Golf Caddy and what appear to be geological sensors around a suspicious terrain. get your .. out Spadeand dig in the middle of this curious location to find the entrance to a bunker: the Service place A !

Sons of the Forest

Inside you will find plenty of provisions and a lot of more or less useful items, starting with the terrifying Fireman’s Ax and the Laser sight for the pistol. But look carefully, because next to the computer dedicated to the 3D printer is a card placed on a magazine: it is the Maintenance card which will be of great use to you in the future!

Purpose of the maintenance card:

  • Grab the License Plate vip
  • Grab theCrossbow
  • grab the Dress for Virginia
Sons of the Forest

Find the VIP badge in Sons of the Forest

The second access card you are looking for is the VIP badgeoften mentioned Yellow access cardOr Yellow key card. It’s not far from the Maintenance cardjust head to the point marked a little further west on your GPS to find two golf caddies in front of a cave.

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

There is nothing in this cave except the entrance to a new bunker at the very bottom. Enter it, do your shopping as normal, and you’ll eventually find yourself in front of a door that requires a blue badge to enter. Use your Maintenance cardand voila: here you are in the rest of this bunker!

Sons of the Forest

Keep shopping through the rest of the bunker until you reach a fully sunken room. From there you will see swimming! Don’t necessarily hang around, there’s absolutely nothing to pick up and the bunker is big enough that you don’t really want to waste any time there.

In the dark corridor at the very end you will come to a fork. You will enter the room on your left when you walk through an office. On the desk opposite the entrance is the VIP badge which will serve you for the rest of your epic. Don’t forget to go to the bunker suite you haven’t visited yet… You’ll be surprised!

Purpose of the VIP badge:

  • grab the guest card
  • grab the Guitar
  • Grab the Pajamas
Sons of the Forest

Find the customer badge in Sons of the Forest

The latest access card from Sons of the Forest is the Customer tagsalso called Purple access card Or Purple Keycard. To find it, you must go to the point surrounded by green and white to the south of the one you used to acquire it VIP badgenear the cave where the pistol rope. There you will find a small cave hidden in the forest:

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

Enter the cave and you will find yourself in a bunker again. In the room right in front of you is a 3D Printer and some groceries, but if you walk through the corridor to the right you will eventually come across a room at the end of which the VIP badge is required to open the door blocking your progress.

Sons of the Forest

You then drop into a huge looted gym where, as always, there are some interesting amenities. Furthermore, on the right is a swimming pool without any interest. However, on the left you will come across a weight room with a spa at the end. There’s nothing really interesting except the Pajamas in the left ventricle.

Further, at the very end, is a living room without much interest except for two grand staircases. Go up them to find another uninteresting pool at the end of which is another room, very interesting this time: the night club! Inside you will find, among other things, the Guitar but also and especially the Customer tags laid on a table surrounded by corpses.

Purpose of the Customer Badge:

  • Grab the katana
  • Grab the Shotgun
  • Grab the Golf Club
Sons of the Forest

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