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Hogwarts Legacy Puzzles: How To Complete All Puzzles In The Harry Potter Game?

by Ana Lopez
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With the number of guides published for our complete Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough needs, it’s sometimes hard to find your way around. That’s why we’ve grouped certain tips by “theme” to make it easier for you to access the guides that interest you. Tonight we look at the different types of puzzles (in the sense of jigsaw puzzles) that you need to complete in the game.

The main quests

Let’s start at the beginning by talking about the main mission of the game: Overall, Hogwarts Legacy is simple and the various puzzles you encounter should not be a problem for you.. But sometimes you don’t want to watch or your brain hurts and that’s what we’re here for. By following our full walkthrough of the game’s main missions step by step, you should have everything you need to successfully complete your fifth year in the magical world of Hogwarts and the Highlands.

The doors

These are the first puzzles you’ll encounter in the game and the type of puzzles you’ll encounter most in Hogwarts Legacy. Jumbled together you will find the famous doors with animal symbols, the 3 secrets of Hogwarts, or even the floodgates that will ask you to enhance the Alohomora spell to progress in the quest for the Lunar Complaint of the Janitor. There are many doors to open, but we clearly show you how to open them all in the guide below.

Merlin’s trials

The essential step if you want to expand the inventory of the game’s terrible gear! Indeed, it is by completing a few dozen of these very simple puzzles that you can keep more items in your bag. Just follow the challenges in the exploration category to gradually expand your locations, to a few dozen pieces of clothing that you can leave lying around in your bag without having to go through the resale box.

Repulso rooms

The most complicated puzzles in the whole game are the Repulso rooms, well hidden in Hogwarts castle. If anything, they seem to pose a lot of problems for players, due to their difficulty level being above the average you’ll find in the game in general. You don’t have to look for a third one, there are only two such puzzle rooms on the map. You can find the walkthrough for each of them in the guides below.

treasure chests

Like the Puzzles of Merlin, Crusader Treasure Chests in the Highlands are protected by small environmental puzzles which you will have to solve if you plan to get the famous equipment containers. The variety of events should surprise you for a few hours, before you inevitably have to redo the same puzzles over and over again. These chests usually contain equipment of varying quality, but you’ll need to complete them all anyway if you plan to 100% search the POI map.

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