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Sons of the Forest crossbow: where to find this ranged weapon?

by Ana Lopez
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To defeat the many creatures that live in the forests and caves of Sons of the Forest, one of the favorite weapons of many players is undoubtedly the formidable Crossbowaccompanied by his Floor tiles crossbow. Acquiring it diametrically changes the course of the game, especially in terms of sheer survival, as it allows you to hunt more efficiently, and we explain how to acquire it in no time in this detailed guide.

Find the crossbow in Sons of the Forest

The basic weapon of any self-respecting Survival Horror, the crossbow is a real must-have that everyone appreciates to have in their possession to defeat terrifying hordes of enemies. In Sons of the Forest, obtaining this rather slow but much more powerful ranged weapon than the bow requires a few conditions:

Check out each of these guides to find out how to get these various tools that are essential to progressing through the game sooner or later. Once all these beautiful people are in your inventory, your goal is to get to the green dot surrounded by green and white that is furthest northwest on your GPS:

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

You will then find a cave for two golf caddies. Enter it to find an entrance at the bottom that leads to a bunker. In it you have the opportunity to pick up many amenities, but also and above all to use your first time. Maintenance card to open a door locked by a blue scanner.

Once inside, your target will be in the second room, between the second and third rows of exposed plants, near the corpse on the far right of the room. Congratulations, you are the proud owner of the Crossbow! Consider continuing to excavate this bunker as you will find, among other things, the VIP badge !

Sons of the Forest

Finding crossbow bolts in Sons of the Forest

Unfortunately, the crossbow arrows are quite rare in Sons of the Forest. They also can’t be crafted, so you’ll have to rely on your luck to find them. In general, of course, it is the bunkers, but also the abandoned human camps that usually contain a handful, sometimes as many as ten. Caves also have great places to find them almost guaranteed, especially the more advanced ones in the game.

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