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Resident Evil 4 Vipers: where do you find it easy for the request?

by Ana Lopez
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Resident Evil 4 Vipers: where do you find it easy for the request?

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In this guide, we will see the best solution to complete the Point Vipers quest given by the merchant in Chapter 3 of Resident Evil 4 Remake. Let’s poke around the village for a few more spinels.

Some Resident Evil 4 Remake seller missions will require a little more time and attention from you than others. Dot Vipers is one of the first requests that can take a while to complete, however, it can be easily brushed off your list if you know where to look.

How to easily complete Point Vipers?

In chapter 3, the merchant will ask you to sell him 3 vipers for a special request. These wild animals are not legion in the area, then we shall have to pay attention to their whistling. Do not use the ones you find during the chapter to restore your health: to reach the goal, you really need to sell them to the merchant. The best area to find it is in chapter 3, in the arena you have to cross to get the fuel out of the boat. They can float on the water and are hard to spot, but you should find everything you need in the area without too much trouble. don’t forget the blue medallions, the hexadecimal coin and the small drawer key that are also lying around in this arena.

Resident Evil 4

A goal to complete before chapter 7

Once the village sector has your back, it will be much more difficult to fulfill this request. We recommend that you wrap it up properly before moving on to Chapter 7, which is a point of no return for Leon and Ashley. If it’s too late for you, the only solution to save the day is to store any viper you find next in your chest on the save points. Much later, the mining sector will also contain the famous snakes, but for that you must first pass the lavish Salazar Castle.

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