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Diablo 4 side missions: Secret of Spring, Malnok… Location and guide for all side missions

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Diablo 4 side missions: Secret of Spring, Malnok… Location and guide for all side missions

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Welcome to our complete guide to all the side quests available in the Diablo 4 Open Beta. This list will help you find the location of the quests, but also complete them smoothly if you get stuck.

If the Diablo 4 open beta only offers you to progress through the first act of the main story, it is still possible to complete about thirty secondary missions to enjoy the game a bit more and to level up your characters . Ashava, the world boss.

  • It is from Level 5 that you will unlock your first side missions especially when you arrive in the great city of Kyovashad. Note that there are different types of side missions, but the great novelty lies in those where you have to use emotions.
  • THE rewards obtained (experience and gold) depends on your level when you complete the quest. You also usually get a cache of materials with crafting components, plants, and other elixirs.

Below you will find the list of missions that are currently available (this list is not yet complete and will be updated regularly).

Menestad chests

  • Obtaining the quest : Kyovashad, left of the relay (level 5+)
  • NPC : Kudomyla (tithe)
  • Objectively : find the monk Bozan on the road to Menestad
  • Solution : You should inspect the area in blue northwest of Kyovashad. Go exactly to the point indicated below, talk to the monk and then take the chest (tithe). Then head west to return the tithe to Lord Talgund in the town of Menestad.


  • Obtaining the quest : Kyovashad, north of the relay (level 5+)
  • NPC : Boza guard
  • Objectively : This quest will teach you how to use emotes. Go to the blue circle a little higher, at the level of the soldiers.
  • Solution : Open your emote wheel (E on keyboard or up arrow on consoles). Choose “customize” and place the “cheer” emote in the wheel without forgetting to save. Use this emote in the middle of soldiers to encourage them. Return to Boza.

The woodcutter of Nevesk

  • Obtaining the quest : Nevesk (level 1+)
  • NPC : Magdalena
  • Objectively : find an axe
  • Solution : In the big blue area you have to find the axe. It is located north of the area. Watch out, this will provoke a fight.

Gold well spent

  • Obtaining the quest : Menestad, south of the relay (level 5+)
  • NPC : Meros
  • Objectively : Kill Luskas and return the gems
  • Solution : find the blue zone in the north on your map and fight the miniboss without forgetting to collect the stones. Then take them back to Meros.
Diablo IV
Diablo IV

chain of custody

  • Obtaining the quest : Menestad, west of the lodge (level 5+). You must have previously completed the Magdalena quest.
  • NPC : Paris
  • Objectively : Enter the red cave next to Parin and kill Magdalena
  • Solution : this simple action then activates the quest “A Despoiled Legacy”

A plundered heritage

  • Obtaining the quest : Menestad, west of the lodge (level 5+). You must have completed Parin’s quest first.
  • NPC : Paris
  • Objectively : reach Parin by the rocks of the bad wind, in the far east.
  • Solution : Enter the basement “sacred study” and get the ax on the workbench. Then place it in the holy water and face the elite monster The Woodcutter. Destroy the axe.
Diablo IV
Diablo IV

Cache of the exorcist

  • Obtaining the quest : Broken Peaks, icy expanse, to the right of the Dark Asylum dungeon.
  • NPC : Click on the cache to start the search.
  • Objectively : Collect ghost anima from undead.
  • Solution : In the big blue zone a little further on, kill as many orange ghosts as possible so that they emit a blue flame: this is the anima that you must collect until the meter is full.

The martyrdom of fear

  • Obtaining the quest : Broken Peaks, icy expanse, to the right of the Dark Asylum dungeon.
  • NPC : Click on Sir Cromwell’s body
  • Objectively : Complete the dungeon “The Cavernous Ossuary”.
  • Solution : In this dungeon you have to see the elite enemies (skull icon) and eliminate them because they are “anima vectors”. You must also find and kill Lord Avitus.

The Ghost of Spring

  • Getting the quest: Broken Peaks, frozen expanse.
  • NPC : Climb the ladder to find abandoned banknotes frozen to the ground. This activates the search automatically.
  • Objectively : solve the riddle “Avatar of warmth in the embrace of winter, patience rewarded by nature, our mother.” (special guide below)

hungry death

  • Getting the quest: Jelesna (Level 7+)
  • NPC : Olesia
  • Objectively : Collect 15 Ghoul Hearts
  • Solution : Go to the blue zone and eliminate the ghosts to loot the resource.

A cold faith

  • Getting the quest: Dobrev’s Taiga (Level 1+)
  • NPC : Journal of the Pilgrim on the ground
  • Objectively : Go to Margrave to confer with the priest Matvey
  • Solution : Just talk to the priest in town

The purifying flame

  • Getting the quest: Margrave (Level 1+)
  • NPC : Priest Matvey
  • Objectively : light the brazier to start the ritual
  • Solution : Go to the east of the city, light the fire and eliminate the hordes of monsters.

blood tie

  • Getting the quest: Margrave (Level 1+)
  • NPC : Lactane
  • Objectively : Investigate Perithan’s disappearance.
  • Solution In the village, talk to Priest Matvey, Cvetko and Meridan. Then head east to find tracks. Continue east to find the hideout. Once in the cave, explore well to find the key that opens the back door. It’s in the smuggler’s bag, on the path to the right of the door. You will have to face a sniper bandit.

Lightwatch Legacy

  • Getting the quest: Margrave (Level 1+)
  • NPC : Zalan Coste
  • Objectively : find his mother’s diaries
  • Solution Complete the dungeon north of town to collect the three diaries and meet the werewolf mother.

Inflexible flesh

  • Getting the quest: Jelesna (Level 7+)
  • NPC : Christine
  • Objectively : find her husband
  • Solution : Join Krystina to the east of the city of Yelesna, in the blue area. Once the chained and corrupted man is found, face the mysterious woman (Yulia) in the new blue area on the right. Return to Krystina and retrieve the dagger hanging from her husband.

Traveler’s prayer

  • Getting the quest: Jelesna (Level 7+)
  • NPC : a pilgrim letter
  • Objectively : thank the shrine
  • Solution : Exit the city to the north and head to the blue zone to find a shrine that looks like a billboard. Use the “thank you” emote on him to make a chest appear. It contains elixirs and other weapons and equipment.

blood sermon

  • Getting the quest: Kor Valar (Level 8+)
  • NPC : Sister Vera
  • Objectively : Enter the Sanguine Chapel, a dungeon in the southeast of the map
  • Solution : Inside, your mission is to kill the Blood Bishop and get the Crimson Chalice. Once the dungeon is completed, join Sister Vera in the Bear Tribe Refuge.
Diablo IV
Diablo IV

The challenge of the beast

  • Getting the quest: Bear Tribe Refuge (Level 8+)
  • NPC : Greganoch
  • Objectively : Find Kauller the Collector
  • Solution : Go to the blue area in the north to find Kauller and confront him (he is right in the middle of the area). Get his head right then to give it to Greganoch and install it on the statue behind him.

Tribute broken

  • Getting the quest: Bear Tribe Refuge (Level 1+)
  • NPC : Sena
  • Objectively : Collect 25 ice clan bones
  • Solution : Go to the north of the tribe to find the “Frozenfall” dungeon to find monsters that give you bones when you die.

The sealed door

  • Getting the quest: Kyovashad (Level 1+)
  • NPC : Shady Beggar
  • Objectively : Search the sealed door
  • Solution : it is in the far north, in a blue zone. Continue north to find a smaller blue area. You will have to face some tough enemies here to complete the mission.

Scream of innocence

  • Getting the quest: Broken Peaks, Ice Plain (Level 15+)
  • NPC : Vendral Trost (exits Kyovashad in the northeast)
  • Objectively : Enter the black shelter
  • Solution : it’s a dungeon a bit higher. There you must kill the tormented spirit of Corik Trost.

The hammer of the champion

  • Getting the quest: Bear Tribe Refuge (Level 15+)
  • NPC : Greganoch
  • Objectively : Enter Balafraîche’s cave and restore Grizzly’s jaw
  • Solution : You must first free Malnok Stronghold just below the quest location.
Diablo IV
Diablo IV

bloody show

  • Getting the quest: Bear Tribe Refuge (Level 1+)
  • NPC : south of the trunk
  • Objectively : Take the warrior’s chain to the hideout
  • Solution : You must take out a Khazra ambush just below the shelter to find the necklace.

disease of the soul

  • Getting the quest: Kyovashad (Level 1+, after completing the story and crafting gems)
  • NPC : Sister Octavia
  • Objectively : Enter the freezing cellar
  • Solution : The cellar is in the house, behind Sister Octavia. Collect the chalice and place it in the back of the room. Then kill the knackers and the last enemy.

A glimpse of madness

  • Getting the quest: Kyovashad (Level 15+, after story ends)
  • NPC :Vilek
  • Objectively : Kill Theya and take the eye chain
  • Solution : You must first complete the Nostrava stronghold (west) to access the quest location.

believe in blood

  • Getting the quest: Magrave (Level 1+, after story ends)
  • NPC : Priest of Magrave
  • Objectively : Fill the chalice with bandit blood
  • Solution : Go to the blue area to the right of Magrave to take out looters, especially to fill up the blood gauge. Then go back to Father Matey in Margrave and place the blood in the pyre. Now return to Kvera in Kyovashad and then enter the eerie basement. Complete the exorcism to free Sister Octavia.

unfinished story

  • Getting the quest: bandit mine next to Magrave (level 1+)
  • NPC : a book on the ground, obtained by taking out bandits
  • Objectively : Show the book to Zalan Coste
  • Solution : Just bring the account book to complete the quest.

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