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Resident Evil 4 Crystal Ball: how to easily align the symbol properly?

by Ana Lopez
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it wouldn’t really be a Resident Evil game if it weren’t for a few puzzles to complete in between major rounds of action. The Resident Evil 4 remake adds quite a few new puzzles, including this crystal ball story to get your bearings in chapter 2 of the game.

How to easily orient the symbol?

Now that you have retrieved the crystal ball from the padlock box on the ground floor of the mansion, you can now open the large door at the end of the upper hallway. Insert the ball into the slot provided to activate the beginning of the puzzle. In this one, you must rotate the marbles off the ball so that they align with the Salazar symbol engraved on the door. You will have to use the stick and the triggers so that the balls all fit into the “clear” part of the ball: if it sticks out, you need to find a better angle. You can help yourself from the video at the top of the article to find out how to orient this pesky crystal ball.

Not good - Resident Evil 4
Not good
Good - Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 Remake and puzzles

The vast majority of puzzles in RE4 are based on small visual puzzles, not necessarily easy to understand at first glance, but which can be easily completed by observing the mechanisms more closely. That’s the case here for the crystal ball, but soon you’ll need to sharpen your powers of observation for the next chapter at the doors of the sanctuaries, in the caves on the way to the church.

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