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Resident Evil 4 main story: all remake chapters puzzles solved

by Ana Lopez
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In between the combat and exploration phases, the Resident Evil 4 remake is punctuated by small puzzles that will leave your brain racked. In this guide we will see how to solve all the puzzles of the main story chapters. If you need help with additional content, don’t hesitate to check out our complete walkthrough of the famous trader’s requests, or the position of all the mechanical castellans in the game. We’ve also dedicated part of our complete guide to the best guns you can get, including bonus guns and their conditions for unlocking unlimited ammo. Finally, completionists looking for all the trophies should take a look at the best way to get through the village quickly and get the bonus costumes.

Chapter 2: Code of the padlock in the mayor’s house

To enter the lock code for the cabinet below, you must first find an upstairs apartment that will tell you what numbers to put on the dials. Once the cupboard is open you will be able to access the crystal ball which will also be used upstairs. On the way, do not forget to search the house well, in particular, it contains a yellow grass and a small key. And watch out for the villager in the closets!

Chapter 2: Mayor’s House crystal ball

Now that you have the famous key object in your possession, insert it into the notch in the door of the mayor’s room. The principle: Align the bubbles so that they form the signature symbol of the Illuminados. To help you complete this puzzle, locate yourself with the bubbles sticking out of the illuminated part: if everything fits in the frame, it means you’re on the right track!

Chapter 4: Stone Canopy of Sanctuary Caves

The church key has to be earned and we recommend that you spend some time exploring the lake in chapter 4. In the middle you can get the best weapon in the game, the famous Red9, while the small altars will motivate you to search the area in search of treasures. For the main story, you can pass the stage puzzles quite easily by observing the cave walls and their yellow paint.

Chapter 4: Stone plinth and hexagonal pieces

You don’t have to find them and solve this puzzle, but the treasure inside is really worth a lot of pesetas and it shouldn’t take long. Finally, if you are good at puzzles, because you have to reconstruct an image by moving the hexagonal pieces in groups of 3. In the guide below, we’ll also tell you where to get all the coins in Chapters 3 and 4.

Chapter 4: Church colored dials

Once in the church at the very end of chapter 4, you still need to align a clock face of 3 colors in the center of the church. But before you complete the puzzle, you’ll have to search the building a bit for the missing button: the last one is in the drawer of the cupboard at the bottom right of the church. Once placed on the dial, align the colors, starting with setting the green, very easy to place in the right place.

Resident Evil 4 Church: How do you solve the symbol puzzle?

Now that you’ve managed to get your hands on the key to the shrines in Resident Evil 4 Remake, it’s finally time to save Ashley in the church! In this guide we will see the solution of the little riddle of the stained glass window that must be aligned to unlock the grid.

Chapter 7: Treasure Vault Swords

To continue your exploration of the castle after the fight against the Garrador, you must place a series of swords to open the gate of the treasure chamber. First objective: recover the missing sword that is behind another grid. Activate the switches that match the symbols on the lock and you’re done. To find out in which order to place the swords, just read the book next to the wall carvings.

Chapter 8: Lithographic stones in the bookbindery

In itself, the riddle is not very complicated, the most difficult thing will ultimately be to find these stones in the first place. Especially one, well hidden behind a white sheet. Once you have the 3 in your possession, you will need to place them on the right side (by turning them with the triggers) and in the correct notches. Use the shapes that are still visible on the symbols in the middle to find the solution easily.

Chapter 9: Snake Head Dining Room

Chapter 9 begins with the search for the 3 heads to reach the ballroom. And if two of these rooms contain particularly large battles, the third represents a small riddle in the dining room of the castle. Go to the back of this room and examine all the elements present on the two tables. These indicate where to sit with Ashley to open the cage of the famous statue head.

Chapter 9: Clock with Ashley

The creepy part to Ashley’s controls has you running through the aisles of the castle library. At the end of the road and after having had a bit cutscene at Léon you will receive a note stating what time you should place the hands of the two crossed clocks on your route. Place them in the order indicated on the paper and be careful that the bell can ring all these shots so that the path opens up.

Chapter 13: Electronic locks for cold rooms

Electronic lock consoles are probably the worst puzzles in the game: by groping and fiddling with buttons and probabilities, you have to connect 3 and then 5 nodes to a console to open doors. The number of possibilities is quite large and these puzzles can be overwhelming, so don’t hesitate to consult our walkthrough at the end of this chapter to immediately see in which position you should place the buttons.

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