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Extremely rare Diablo 4 watches: list and where to find them on the map?

by Ana Lopez
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If you’ve played the Diablo 4 beta, you may have been lucky enough to encounter some rare, even extremely rare enemies that like to hide in the nooks and crannies of the map. But the challenges of the game allow you to learn more.

Diablo IV

Rare and Extremely Rare Monsters: General

The concept is not difficult to understand, they are enemies that sometimes pop up in it specific parts of the map. As their name suggests, they are rare, meaning they are not always present. The chances of encountering them, as well as their interactions with online features, are not all known at this point. At the beta, it was enough to go to the right place and wait a few minutes that they reappear if they were not present.

The difference between rare and ultra-rare monsters lies in two points: the frequency with which they appear, and the fact that the game’s challenges track your progress towards the second category. The first extremely rare monster kill requires you to complete an achievement, and the in-game Challenge Log lists all of these enemies waiting for you in Diablo 4: there are only 15 in total. While there are probably dozens of enemies.

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Some Diablo 4 quests, both main and side quests, give you “unique” items, not by color or power, but by the fact that there is only one instance of that item in play, for each of your characters. They have a very specific name, a description, and most importantly, they cannot be recycled in the forge. It’s pretty much the same with rare enemies, the difference is that the item obtained is also of rare quality (yellow), with some of the predetermined additions, and you get it every time you kill this rare monster. A notable example is the Elemental mastery staff, which deals additional fire, lightning, and cold damage. These items aren’t affected by smart loot, so this is the only time you’ll get equipment that your character can’t necessarily equip.

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Diablo IV

This means you won’t be using these special items very often unless you’re hunting a specific rare enemy and know in advance what they’ll give you. Legendary items should be much rarer in the full game than they are in the beta, so this could be an opportunity for these items to shine. It also remains to be verified whether they exist in a legendary version, or even unique, in the higher difficulties.

We recommend keeping them in your personal chest, they could be useful for one of your next characters.

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List of extremely rare monsters

Three such enemies were listed in the beta as there are fifteen and five regions in total, making an average of three per region. Ashava, the world boss, is not considered a rare monster.

  • Osgar Reed the gruff
  • Lady Lynna
  • almunn
  • Zarozar the Mighty
  • Lord Eonan
  • Garbhan Ennai
  • Renn Dayne and Claudia Dayne
  • Qiniel
  • Corlin Hulle
  • game of chance
  • Gur without mercy
  • Bhotak the inevitable
  • Edlin the Blind
  • Gaspar Stilbian
  • Single

Extremely Rare Broken Peaks Monsters

These enemies have predetermined loot and a minimum level. When the game comes out, wait until you have a close level to start rubbing with them.

  • Lady Lynna (level 25): Darkblade (rare sword)
  • Osgar Reed the Surly (level 25): Wrathful Arcana (rare staff)
  • Corlin Hulle (Level 35): Elemental Mastery Staff (rare staff)
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