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Cleaf build Summoners War Chronicles: How to properly play this summoner?

by Ana Lopez
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Summoners War Chronicles gives you the opportunity to embody three summoners and in today’s guide we return to the character named Cleaf.

Cleaf Summoners War Chronicles: The Elements

Each hero has skills with fewer different effects depending on the element you want to play.

  • Firework : Continuous Heal, Attack Enhancement, Stun, Maximum HP Destruction, Resistance Reduction, and Anti-Heal Reduction.
  • Water : Taunt, attack, accuracy and speed reduction.
  • Wind : Taunt, causes Electric Discharge effect, defense boost and healing.
  • light : Taunt, invincibility, causes the effect of blindness, stun and increased damage received by the target.
  • Darkness : Decreased damage taken, damage reflection, taunt, decreased CRIT percentage, increased critical resistance, continuous healing, decreased critical accuracy, stamina, and the target taken down.
Summoners War Chronicles

Cleaf Summoners War Chronicles: Skills to level up first

Cleaf is a summoner who is there to protect other members of your team by playing a tank role. He has skills that hit the mark and this is one of his strengths to take into account if you want to play him as the main character.

Orbia skills

  • Active skills : Prioritize skills 2 and 3 and then ultimate before increasing skill 1 and basic attack.
  • passive skills : For a full defense set, it is recommended to upgrade skills 15, 6, 7 and 8. For an offensive set, upgrade skills 1, 5, 7, and 8.
  • Utility skills : Prioritize the skills used to perform more dodges and maximize your mana supply, not to mention the one that reduces the cooldown. The passive “Chance” is also interesting to mount to benefit more often from your ultimate move, but it is not mandatory.

Note that boosting your passive element research for Cleaf is not necessary, even if you get a damage boost, it’s not necessarily very important, especially if you want to play multiple elements. Afterwards, nothing prevents you from raising one, but you will have to reset your point allocation afterwards for certain content, such as the Celestial Tower. In addition, you can also bring all passive skills to level 1 to have a bit more power, but this is clearly not possible if you don’t have enough points available.

Summoners War Chronicles

Account skills

In addition to skills dedicated to your heroine, there is also a skill tree dedicated to your account. The latter allows you to boost your stats and those of your monsters. In Cleaf’s case you have to start with the top left branch if you want to play it as a DPS, but the most interesting thing is to start with the top right branch. It increases robustness and that’s what we look for in a tank.

The rest is up to you depending on your team. If you have rather fragile monsters, then so be it advised to climb the lower right tree to increase their defense stats and HP. If they are strong enough, you can boost their offensive stats to have a purely damage-focused composition.

Summoners War Chronicles

Stats to prioritize for Cleaf in Summoners War Chronicles

Cleaf is the tank of choice, but he shouldn’t be underestimated as he can also hit quite hard thanks to his damage-dealing abilities relative to his defense. To help you play it correctly, here are the stats to prioritize your gear for this summoner.

  • horsepower %
  • Defense %
  • cleverness %

You can also increase the accuracy of effects, attack and its own accuracy. This will make it easier to punish your enemies. The attack is more if you want to play it like a DPS, although we prefer that.

Monsters to use with Cleaf

Which monsters to use when playing Cleaf depends on what you want to do. It’s best to get 3 star monsters to start with as it’s easy to upgrade them.

  • Rina (Epikion Water Priestess) is a good monster to keep your team alive thanks to its healing but also thanks to its shield, without forgetting that it can take away punishments.
  • Iselia (Fire Fairy) and Theomars (Ifrit Water) to serve you as a DPS.
  • Konamiya (Garuda water) if you need cooldown reduction or additional healing.
  • Naomi (Wind Martial Cat) which can deal havoc thanks to the passive that increases CRIT speed and critical damage.

The monsters we present to you are just examples from the list of all available creatures. If you want more ideas, we recommend that you check out our various guides on the subject.

Summoners War Chronicles
Summoners War Chronicles

For more guides and tips on Summoners War Chronicles, don’t hesitate to check out our complete walkthrough of the game with all the tier lists, the best runes for each major monster, the Dungeon guides and of course the latest info on patches and trendy banners!

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