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Resident Evil 4 Shooting Range: how does it work, what’s it for?

by Ana Lopez
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Far from resting on its laurels by simply offering a lick of paint on the original Resident Evil 4 experience, the Resident Evil 4 remake features many changes, like this redesign of the famous shooting range already present on Gamecube.

Where can you find the shooting ranges?

Resident Evil 4 is divided into 4 main segments, which we will not reveal to you here, except for the village of chapter 1 and its surroundings. In any case, these are huge sectors in which you always end up in a central square where the merchant and the famous elevator are waiting for you. Taking it will take you to the shooting range, a new space that offers small moments of relaxation for free, with weapons with infinite bullets and several test sessions. And don’t worry, if you leave trials before switching areas, you can still try to complete them on the firing ranges in the following sectors.

Resident Evil 4

Mission Objectives

As we mentioned earlier, each shooting range has different missions with scores ranging from C to S depending on your performance. Several things to consider for each of your sessions: the weapon imposed and the recharge time, which you need to calibrate well so as not to leave too much time between waves of targets. There are also skulls, which count towards bonus goals and towards the final score. Finally, each session has a hidden goal, for example in the very first mission you have to shoot the stick of dynamite of the last pirate to activate the bonus session and try to destroy the last skull targets you miss.

Resident Evil 4


By scoring big scores, but also by completing each bonus objective in the missions, you will collect silver tokens and gold tokens that will be put into the machine at the exit of the grandstand by 3. The more gold chips you put in, the more likely you are to find rare key chains, but they are hard to collect. It’s possible to get some of them in the merchant’s special section, for request spinels, but more often than not you’ll have to hit big scores to get your hands on them.

There is a huge collection of good luck charms of various rarities to collect and these bring powerful passive bonuses such as extra ammo with each craft or improved healing after consuming certain items. In short, this is a whole extra axis of progress! Finally, note that it is only possible to equip 3 lucky charms at once, regardless of the size of your suitcase. These can only be changed on typewriters.

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