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Renown Diablo 4: Progress in the region, and how to get the bonuses quickly?

by Ana Lopez
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Diablo 4 introduces new features and new areas to help players get things done and find short-term goals during their adventures. It is in this context that Renown comes in. It serves both to highlight the different activities available in each region of the open world, to reward their achievement, but also to encourage players to create new characters. It unlocks pretty quickly during the game’s prologue.

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The principle is very simple and it happens automatically during gameplay. Each time you perform one of the actions listed in the Region Progress sub-tab of the map, you earn a little fame (between 5 and 100 points). This could include discovering a waypoint, finding an Altar of Lilith, completing a secondary quest, or clearing a dungeon or even a stronghold.

This unlocks a system very similar to the Battlepass, with different reward levels depending on the number of points collected. Each reward has two sections, one for the hero you are playing and one for all of your heroes. Individual rewards are includedgold and experiencebut the shared give outright talent points, potion charges and paragon points. So you will absolutely have to go through Renown to develop the full potential of your character.

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Every time you create a new character, you have to unlock the individual rewards again by collecting fame, which can give you experience and gold each time. But regular rewards will already be available, meaning you may be able to have them ten talent points in stock from level 1 (amount to be confirmed), if you’ve already unlocked everything in each region with a previous character. Suffice to say, this will speed things up immensely and your new characters will progress faster if you decide to use these points.

However, there is a limitation: it is impossible to unlock levels 4 and 5 of Fame before completing the main story, and difficulty level 3 is unlocked.

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How do I get fame?

Here is the list of objectives that earn fame in each region along with the amount provided. The reward is a good indication of the difficulty or rarity of each item. There are only 3 Strongholds in Broken Peaks and it takes a lot of effort to clear them, so the bonus is not easy to exploit. In return, there are over 80 areas to discover just by traversing them.

  • Relay : 20 Fame
  • strongholds : 100 fame
  • Secondary Quests : 20 Fame
  • Areas of Discovery : 5 Fame
  • Secondary dungeons : 30 Fame
  • Altar of Lilith : 10 Fame


For now, we only have the Broken Peaks rewards. It is unknown whether the rewards for other regions will be the same or not. This section will also be added in the future.

Broken peaks

  • 6 experience bonuses
  • 6 gold bonuses (3,000, 10,000, 25,000, 60,000 and 150,000)
  • 2 skill points
  • 1 supplement for healing potion
  • Maximum 80 Obols
  • 4 Paragon Points

Fame and seasons: are the bonuses available?

If you’re familiar with how Diablo 3 seasons work, you should definitely be wondering. It must be said that starting a new season with all these bonus points and potions would be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find or get any response from the developers. It has not been confirmed, but if the central principle of the seasons is kept, i.e. to make us start over every time, that would mean that the fame is reset for the season characters with each new season. And all of your seasonal characters share the same fame bonuses. It’s a bit like the division between normal characters and extreme (hardcore) characters.

This section will be edited when Blizzard has announced its intentions regarding this topic.

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