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Diablo 4 Horse: Donan’s Favor Mount, how do you unlock it?

by Ana Lopez
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Diablo 4’s open world is large and there are plenty of points of interest to visit, and return to the farm regularly. Fastpass points are quite rare, so it’s common to have to make long journeys. This is where the horses come into play.

Is the horse available in the Diablo 4 beta?

The answer is simple”NoThe stables are there, but the quest that must be completed to unlock the mountain is simply not there, which is a shame. There are long routes to travel for various missions, and the Relays of teleportation are rare.

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Get the horse: Donan’s favor

The following items may change between now and the game’s release, but based on previous beta versions, you’ll need to reach the first city of Kyovashad, as well as the level 14to unlock the horse’s side quest”Mount: Donan’s Favor”.

Unfortunately, this destination isn’t available in the open beta, so it’s impossible to have the horse before the full game is released.

Use and benefits of the horse

As Captain Obvious would say, on average the horse moves faster than a character on foot. Note in passing that the fixed movement speed bonuses are limited to 125% of the walking speed for your character. If you spot enemies or your destination, it’s possible to jump directly from the back of your mount to perform a special attack.

In addition to the type of mount, the horse has two types of equipment, Bards (horse armor) and Trophies, to hang, as Geralt of Rivia does in The Witcher 3, with the heads of monsters. It remains to be determined if this is purely cosmetic, or if it will have a real impact on his performance (and yours).

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Assemble species and cosmetics

At the moment it looks like we’re forced to use a horse as a mount in the game, but it remains to be seen if more exotic options will be introduced in the future.

Nevertheless, many cosmetic armor and different appearances will be made available for your horse. The pre-order bonus for all versions of the game includes the Lightbringer Mount. The Deluxe Edition also includes the Hellshell Mount Armor.

Expect other skins to be unlocked by leveling up, through the Battlepass, and in the Premium Shop.

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