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The Butcher Diablo 4: How do you make him appear and defeat him?

by Ana Lopez
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Any Diablo players before the name probably consider their first encounter with The Butcher a traumatic event, especially if they came across it without a spoiler. The developers of Diablo 4 have clearly tried to reproduce the experience, as he will chase you tirelessly, he hurts a lot and it is almost impossible to escape or kill him unless you are well prepared. There is no doubt that this boss is going to hold the record for most player kills, especially in Hardcore.

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Butcher location and spawn conditions

  • The Butcher is one extra surprise bosswhich are random in almost any location in one dungeon. It is currently unknown whether all dungeons are eligible or not.
  • At the moment we have not discovered a way to make it appear. The only way to meet him is to visit many dungeons, until you get lucky (or unlucky).

Disappearance and death

  • You only have one chance to beat Le Boucher each time. If you take too long to kill it, it will just disappear. You can also see this as a good thing, if you play Extreme mode and survival is your goal. In this case, run to the dungeon exit.
  • When you die, The Butcher just turns into a pool of blood and disappears.
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Kill the butcher

  • This fight is brutally simple. The butcher has a lot of life, he moves fast, he hits really hard and pretty fast. He is immune to control techniques and he has the gift of catching you from afar: his hit that stuns in melee, his hook with a chain that will catch you on a ranged screen, and an attack. You must be vigilant and prepared to dodge them sideways.
  • Better to play level 1 world difficulty, if you want to kill him. Even in this mode it is dangerous.
  • Playing in a group is by far the best option, since you are going to be dividing his attention. This gives you time to attack when he’s chasing someone else. The person being chased should have him walk around the area, preferably around his teammates, so they don’t waste their time chasing him too. Remember that the damage is significant.
  • The Barbarians will probably have a bad time, or at least an even worse time than the others, in this fight. Taking on The Butcher in melee is truly deadly, requiring excellent equipment and the skills needed to reduce damage and heal for several minutes.
  • Classes with pets should be less difficult as the call will distract the boss.
  • If that’s not an option, abilities that can attack the Butcher from a distance, without exposing you too much, are welcome, such as Hydras. Combine them with survival and mobility skills, such as Barrier, Teleport, Vanish, etc.

Loot and rewards

From what we’ve seen, Le Boucher always drops at least one or two Legendary items. So that makes it a profitable fight, if you win. You also validate one of the game’s challenges.

Diablo IV

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