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Pokémon GO Hoenn Cup guide: The best Pokémon to win your matches

by Ana Lopez
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Over there Hoenn cup comes at the conclusion of Season 13 of the Combat League of PokémonGO. Here we explain what to do and how to form the ideal team to crush your opponents.

If this is your first time playing GO Battles, don’t panic! All you have to do is click on the Poké Ball in the menu and then on the “combat” icon. There you can join at any time by clicking “fight” and then select the event that interests you. The game will then automatically present your best Pokémon with the necessary requirements or the ones you put into a team. So make sure you check it so you don’t get fooled. A match can then begin and you will face a random trainer in the world. The more wins you get, the more rewards you get.

How do you enter the Hoenn Cup on Pokémon GO?

  • Event dates : from Thursday February 23 at 10 p.m. to Wednesday March 1 at 10 p.m.
  • Pokemon must not exceed 1,500 PCs Participate.
  • Only Pokémon included between number 252 and 386 of the Pokédex are allowed.

Hoenn Cup: The best team to use

Of course, it’s impossible to determine which Pokémon will form your opponents’ teams during the Hoenn Cup. However, the selection can be reduced, as the authorized Pokémon cannot exceed 1500 CP.

So here are some tips to help you beat other players with ease:

  • Be careful when choosing Pokémon resistant and own good defense, as well as correct statistics in terms ofstamina to have a team that is as flexible and versatile as possible.
  • Unlock the second charged attack on the Pokemon you want to use.

Here are the three best Pokémon to place in your party:

  • Registry of lockdown in immediate attack + Exploforce and Elecanon on charged attacks,
  • Charmina of answer in immediate attack + Boost Fist and Ice Fist on charged attacks,
  • Bekipan of Vintage Wings in immediate attack + Ball’Weather (rain) and violent wind on charged attacks.

Hoenn Cup: The best Pokémon available

Of course, you may not have the three creatures shown above. In that case, we have other pocket monsters for you to build your team to win as many matches as possible in this Hoenn Cup.

  • Tenefix (Dark form) with Shadow Claw in immediate attack + Cheating and Gem Ray on charged attacks,
  • regirock of lockdown in immediate attack + Blade of Rock and Blast Force on charged attacks,
  • Tenefix of Shadow Claw in immediate attack + Cheating and return on charged attacks,
  • Altaria of Draco breath in immediate attack + Dive and moon power on charged attacks,
  • Deoxys of Answer in immediate attack + Psycho Boost and Thunder in charged attack,
  • Lagoon of Mud shot in immediate attack + Hydroblast and earthquake in charged attack.

The Pokémon we present to you are a selection of the Pokémon available for the Cup, and of course there are alternatives to most of them.

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