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Hogwarts Legacy Bird’s Eye View: How do you enter the ruins for the Poppy Sweeting quest?

by Ana Lopez
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Poppy Sweeting’s last big story mission is especially challenging if you’re new to color cubes and want to find all the chests in the dungeon. Here’s a written and video guide to help you through Hogwarts Legacy.

How to enter the ruins?

As a reminder, you and Poppy want the Golden Vivets (ancestor of the Snitch in Quidditch), magical creatures that unfortunately you can’t keep in your terrariums. You are helped by a friendly Centaur and are more likely to have one Moon stone which you always carry with you after watching a spectacular Mooncalf dance.

Join Poppy on southwest of Bourg-Garenne to find Dorran the Centaur.

  1. Insert the moonstone into the central pillar,
  2. Use Revelio to identify two symbols shine on the door : the sun and the kind of key with a dot.
  3. Usage Accio to move and rotate the pillars around the circle so that their light illuminates the appropriate symbols until they glow.
  4. Now enter the Dungeon (cairn) called “Le Perchoir Doré)
  5. Bonus: next to this place is a source of ancient magic and a spider’s nest.

Remark : above this article you will find the walkthrough of the quest in video.

Complete the entire Golden Perch dungeon

In the dungeons it is not enough to complete a mission, but also to find all available collection chests and other treasures. Again, check out our walkthrough video at the top of the article to spot chests. Don’t worry, you can redo the dungeon later, free and without Poppy.

In the room with the tree, the goal is to bring back two cubes (the first is high to the right of the tree and the second to the far left by climbing the wall thanks to a crate you picked up here with Accio and then climbed with Levioso) on the pedestals. You must then use an ice spell on the left and a fire spell on the right.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

After the big battle, just interact with the door to open it (no need to complete a puzzle). You can then rescue the Golden Snitches and exit the dungeon you entered.

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