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Sons of the Forest Ax: Where can you find these very powerful melee weapons?

by Ana Lopez
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To survive in Sons of the Forest, there are two things you should probably be aware of to aid your progress in this hostile place: modern axe (Modern Axe), later the fire axe (Ax Fireman)! These highly coveted tools will surely replace you tactical axe a little weak, and we explain how to get them all fast!

Find the modern ax in Sons of the Forest

If there’s one weapon we strongly recommend you recover quickly during your adventure in Sons of the Forest, it’s the modern axe. Much more powerful than tactical axe you’ve had since your crash, it’s also bigger and slower. Never mind: the damage it deals is so important that you have to miss out on a bit of attack speed!

To get the Modern Ax you don’t need any conditions, even fighting if you are lucky in your journey. You just need to go to the location below on your GPS, near where you can also find the Torch. From the large surrounding lake, follow the path to the south, you will certainly come across it!

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

There you will find a rather sophisticated small encampment of what appeared to be a mercenary camp. In it you will obviously find many provisions that will be useful for your progress, but also and above all the main reason for your reason here: the modern axe. It is planted in the only corpse present in the camp, at the height of the central tent, simply remove it to add it to your collection of weapons.

Sons of the Forest

Find the pumping ax in Sons of the Forest

Both the Sons of the Forest developers and gamers seem to love axes. So much so that a third is available for players who are a bit more advanced in the adventure of the game. To obtain it, you must already have the following tools:

Once all these beautiful people are in your inventory, and especially the Spade in reality which can only be obtained by acquiring the other two objects, you finally have the opportunity to get the fire axe. And make no mistake: this is the most powerful ax available in Sons of the Forest, even better than the modern axe!

To find it, head to the northeastern part of the island, quite close to where you found it modern axe Finally. The location is indicated by a small green dot surrounded by green and white on your GPS:

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

On site you will find a Golf Caddy and what appear to be geological sensors around a suspicious terrain. get your .. out Spadeand dig in the middle of this curious location to find the entrance to a bunker: the Service place A !

Sons of the Forest

Inside, take you out Flashlight to see more clearly and take the time to collect the many amenities you will find. In the room to the right of the hallway after entering you will find a busy room. On the PC is the Laser sight for the pistol. Near the PC for the 3D printer you will find the Maintenance card which will serve you for the rest of your adventures. You will find one in the bathroom tuxedo to put you at 31, the desire takes you.

Finally, the reason for your presence in these places, the fire axe, is at the end of the corridor that led you here, in an open box hanging on the wall. Just collect it to add it to your weapon collection too!

Sons of the Forest

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