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Higan Eruthyll: APK, how to play it if you use Android

by Ana Lopez
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Higan Eruthyll holds all the cards to be this Spring 2023 good gatcha surprise. But Bilibili has somewhat rushed its title’s global launch, at the risk of drawing the wrath of a disgruntled community. Indeed, the company “incorrectly” used the term global release, as there is no EU server listed in the game menu.

The players wonder and fear a false start. The rewind mechanism is also one of the most cumbersome there is! It is therefore potentially interesting to enjoy the game on APK, depending on your country’s legislation on gatcha games and lootbox microtransactions, but also if your NA server account is playing tricks on you.

How to install Higan Eruthyll via APK?

Bypassing the stores, two of the biggest mobile online game stores (Google Play and App Store) can be scary and isn’t always a very safe course of action if you get lost on a dubious APK platform.

As far as Higan Eruthyll is concerned, one can go without any worries APK pure, one of the reference sites in this field, and which has the good taste to regularly update its version of the game.

  • Download Higan Eruthyll via APK Pure

Play the “official” version

Higan Eruthyll was released “worldwide” and officially on April 6, 2023. It is therefore available for free on the App Store and Google Play since that date. Only problem; there is no EU server at the time of writing. Therefore, the title is only available with a ping of 230… Bilibili has not yet explicitly communicated about the possible existence of an EU server one day. That said, the game is still pretty decent from the NA server, despite the ping!

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Who are Higan Eruthyll’s best characters?

A call banner catches the eye? Are you hesitating to re-roll your account to get the SSR of your dreams? Here is the third list of the best characters in the game, which will help you see more clearly what Higan Eruthyll’s best units are. To find out if your account is worth gold, here it is!

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