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Higan Eruthyll: List of the best SSR, SR and R characters

by Ana Lopez
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Higan Eruthyll: List of the best SSR, SR and R characters

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A call banner catches the eye? Are you hesitating to re-roll your account to get the SSR of your dreams? Here is the third list of the best characters in the game, which will help you see more clearly what Higan Eruthyll’s best units are. To find out if your account is worth gold, here it is!

Higan Eruthyl is a game that will ask you to create well-thought-out teams to win your battles. Unity is strength, and as with most gatchas, everything is ultimately a matter of synergy. That said, some characters clearly stand out, and this from the first hours of the title on the blinds around the world. There are indeed fighters who literally go wear your progress if you’re lucky enough to summon them at the start of your adventure, without having to pay a penny.

It is also always important to know the intrinsic value of each character to find out if it’s optimal to reroll your account… or not!

Only indicative, not an absolute necessity!

As with all gatcha games, it’s important to note that no list of levels is an absolute truth. Each character in the game has its flaws and weaknesses, and each unit can shine if played and used properly. This list of levels is not intended to tell you who you should or should not play against. It just introduces you to the characters that are most efficient at progressing faster!

Play whoever you want!



Level B

Level C

Level D

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When can we play Higan Eruthyll?

On IOS and Android, the good spring surprise free to play gatcha could very well be called Higan Eruthyll. Developed by Bilibili, this title combines with finesse iddle game, real-time RPG and card game. And the good news is that it’s coming soon with a global launch!

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