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Hades: Unlock all hidden aspects of Infernal Weapons

by Ana Lopez
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It’s hard sometimes for Zagreus to go through hell until he defeats his father, Hades. To do this, you need to choose the right build and the right skills depending on the weapon you choose, and also the look you give it. But each of them has this hidden aspect that you don’t know how to unlock? Do not panic, you have come to the right place, we are happy to explain it to you how to unlock all hidden aspects of infernal weapons.

But first of all, you must meet a number of conditions:

  • Buy it List of prophecies of fate to the foreman for 20 gems.
  • Give out 5 Titan Bleeding in each of the infernal weapons, except the aspect of Zagreus.

You can now return to the Temple of the Styx to escape again.

Aspect of Guan Yu, the Eternal Spear


The aspect of Guan Yu, the Eternal Spear is the first secret aspect you can obtain during the game and it is necessary to unlock the following secret aspects. Once you encounter Hades for the first time after purchasing the List of Prophecies of Fate (defeating him is not required), talk to Achilles and repeat dodges until the correct dialogue is unlocked in the storyline progression. After repeating the operation a certain number of times, Achilles will give you the Aspect of Guan Yu, the Eternal Spear.

  • Level 1: HP Malus —> 70%
  • Level 2: HP Malus —> 65%
  • Level 3: HP Malus —> 60%
  • Level 4: HP Penalty —> 55%
  • Level 5: HP Malus —> 50%

Aspect of Arthur, the sword of the Styx


To unlock the aspect of Arthur, the sword of the Styx, that is nyx who will give it to you personally once the aspect of Guan Yu is in your pocket. As with Achilles, repeat a series of escapes until you unlock the correct dialogue, until the embodiment of the Night gives you the secret aspect for your sword. Once equipped, in addition to dealing area damage, your technique will form an aura that allows you to withstand some of the damage you take.

  • Level 1: Aura Resistance —> 20%
  • Level 2: Aura Resistance —> 25%
  • Level 3: Aura Resistance —> 30%
  • Level 4: Aura Resistance —> 35%
  • Level 5: Aura Resistance —> 40%

Aspect of Beowulf, the Shield of Chaos


This time it is Chaos who can give you the secret aspect of your shield, Beowulf’s aspect. As with the previous secret aspects, repeat the escapes and talk to Chaos until you unlock the correct dialogue. After a certain number of attempts, the Primal Void Being will reward you with the Ultimate Shield, giving you a hefty passive damage bonus.

  • Level 1: Passive Damage Bonus: 20%
  • Level 2: Passive Damage Bonus: 40%
  • Level 3: Passive Damage Bonus: 60%
  • Level 4: Passive Damage Bonus: 80%
  • Level 5: Passive Damage Bonus: 100%

Aspect of Rama, the Heartstalker Bow


To unlock the ultimate bow, of course Artemis that you will have to speak often until she gives you the aspect of Rama. Repeat the escapes until you unlock the correct dialogue with the Goddess of the Hunt. Note that you can force its first appearance thanks to the memory of the Diamond arrowhead. The celestial ultimate bow, Sharanga, gives your special ability the ability to drop a token, “Shared Suffering”. Enemies hit by this mark will receive a percentage of the damage from your primary fire you deal on any target, and upgrading this aspect will increase that percentage of shared damage.

  • Level 1: Shared Suffering bonus damage —> 30%
  • Level 2: Shared Suffering bonus damage —> 38%
  • Level 3: Shared Suffering bonus damage —> 45%
  • Level 4: Shared Suffering bonus damage —> 53%
  • Level 5: Shared Suffering bonus damage —> 60%

Aspect of Gilgamesh, the twin fists


To get the ultimate fists, you have to repeat the dodges again until you unlock the correct bully dialogue herselfthe Minotaur, asterion. Of course, prioritize his fight in the Élysée as soon as he is offered to you. After a certain number of visits, Asterion rewards you for beating it again the aspect of Gilgamesh. These ultimate fists give you extra passive damage from mutilation.

  • Tier 1: 30% bonus damage from mutilation
  • Tier 2: 38% bonus damage from mutilation
  • Level 3: 45% bonus damage from mutilation
  • Level 4: 53% bonus damage from mutilation
  • Level 5: 60% bonus damage from mutilation

Aspect of Lucifer, the Adamantine Canon


Last secret aspect to call, and who else but the King of Gods to unlock the ultimate gun. Of course it is Zeus who to talk to until you unlock the right dialogue for him to give you Lucifer’s aspect. Just like the previous times, repeat the escapes and talk to Zeus as much as possible. Again, you can force its first appearance using the memory of the Lightning signet ring. In addition to turning your shot into a Holy Laser, it gives you extra damage to your Hellfire, the name given to the explosion of your new Bombardment form, the Igneus Eden.

  • Level 1: Hellfire —> 50
  • Level 2: Infernal Fire —> 63
  • Level 3: Hellfire —> 75
  • Level 4: Infernal Fire —> 88
  • Level 5: Infernal Fire —> 100

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