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Hades: diamonds, their usefulness and how to cultivate them?

by Ana Lopez
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Hades: diamonds, their usefulness and how to cultivate them?


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Diamonds are one of the most important resources in Hades, allowing you to unlock most of the game’s cosmetic and audio content, and more to be a medium of exchange for other important resources.

Along with Titan’s Blood and Ambrosia, diamonds are one of the artifacts and main resources In Hades. Primarily used with the Foreman to unlock all of Orpheus’ cosmetic content and music, they have different uses and are obtained in different ways. We give you a summary of everything that revolves around Diamonds.


How to get diamonds?

A total of 159 diamonds are available in limited quantities during your adventures, in addition to the diamonds that can be reclaimed indefinitely through exchanges at Broker Misérable, Charon or via fishing.

  • You get 1 diamond for each time you will defeat the Lernaean Hydra with each weapon, for a total of 6.
  • You will then get 1 extra diamond for each time you defeat the Lernaean Hydra, with any weapon and for any level of Heat (difficulty), from level 1 to 20for a total of 120 additional diamonds.
  • By completing goals List of prophecies previously bought from the Foreman, you can get back up to 33 diamonds.
  • Occasionally, Charon will offer you in the Temple of the Styx to buy 1 Diamond for 1000 gold coins, or 800 if you have the Loyalty Card in your possession, obtained by having already defeated Charon.
  • The miserable broker will exchange you 1 Diamond for 500 Gems, 50 Keys of Darkness or 10 Bottles of Nectar, in addition to random limited offers appearing at the end of each run.
  • The chef will exchange you 1 diamond for each Trout that you return to him can be fished in Greece or in the room where you fight Hades.
  • Finally, you have a 0.3% chance of getting 1 diamond through Poseidon’s blessing Sunken treasure during an escape attempt.

How to spend diamonds?

A total of 157 diamonds are required to purchase all collectibles, cosmetics and music in the game. The rest can be used as currency.

  • 52 diamonds are used to buy Services with the Foreman.
  • 28 diamonds are used to buy decorations for the house of hades with the Foreman.
  • 67 diamonds are used to buy game music and listen to them through Orphée, with the Foreman.
  • 10 diamonds are used to buy ranks of Zagreus of the Director of Resources, north of Hades’ house.

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