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Hades: Longevity, how many hours to complete this ARPG roguelite?

by Ana Lopez
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Besides its breathtaking gameplay and trendy storytelling, Hades also has the advantage of being a game in which you will be able to spend dozens of hours without getting bored. The replayability is almost infinite, and the number of dialogues and unlockable content so great that there really is something to do if you want to stay immersed in this mythological universe for a long time. Whatever your goals, you will necessarily find your account and we will make you an estimate of the time it takes to complete this infernal roguelite.

Complete a run and defeat Hades for the first time

Keep in mind that the game doesn’t end when you defeat Hades for the first time, but completing this task will take you quite a while, and many players have quit after toiling against the God of the Underworld for a while, as this can already be an achievement for more novice players. On average you will have to count between 20 and 25 hours, ie between 25 and 30 escape attempts. This number can of course vary depending on your level, and will be more or less long if you are a rather novice or experienced player.


Complete the main story

To officially “finish” the main story of Hades, you’ll need to go back and beat Dad several more times, and advance the storyline. The story is considered complete after the first one creditsand for this you need to count on average between 45 and 50 hours. So, at this stage you have understood the main plot and what it costs, but this does not mean that you have been able to observe all the narration, more details and secondary stories, on the contrary.


Complete the game 100%

To complete the game 100% and get all the trophies, you can count well at least 95-100 hours, even more so if you have fun running to experiment and train on certain builds. A colossal life including the true ending of the game and all objectives of the List of Prophecies.

Technically, you still have content left after that, including a challenge, the most complicated offers you the 3rd reward of Thados, complete a run in Heat 32, the highest, which does not award a trophy, as the challenge is taken for many. Also certain romances, and improving all aspects of infernal weapons to the maximum do not count towards the trophies, and you can add a few dozen more hours to really be able to say that you were able to do EVERYTHING. in Hades.


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