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Easter Disney Dreamlight Valley: Get Eggs, Complete Missions… The Complete Guide!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley walkthrough: complete guide and all our tips

Easter Disney Dreamlight Valley: Get Eggs, Complete Missions… The Complete Guide!

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Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Easter Event has begun. Wall-E missions, new furniture, unique rewards, eggs, hares… Here’s the complete guide to enjoy it and get it all.

A brand new seasonal event has just started in Disney Dreamlight Valley and for the first time it is now possible to enjoy daily and weekly missions. Find eggs, cook, make furniture… Here you will find everything you need to know about Easter!

How do you activate the Easter event?

The Easter feast takes place from April 8 to April 29, 2023 at stake. The event will activate automatically and you will need to complete several activities:

  • Collect eggs in the valley (on the ground, in bushes) or plant seeds to grow them,
  • Complete daily and weekly Wall-E missions,
  • Make special Easter furniture with collected eggs,
  • Cooking special Easter dishes,
  • Complete Secret Dreamlight Challenges.
Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to get eggs?

To get Easter Eggs you need to complete the daily and weekly Wall-E missions or find them in the different biomes of the village.

Blue Eggs (Wild Spring Egg)

  • Reward Wall-E mission
  • On the ground, in the different biomes (can be picked up directly on the ground)

Pink eggs (yummy egg fruit)

  • Reward Wall-E mission
  • On bushes, in the various biomes (rare)

Yellow eggs (the egg gum)

  • Reward Wall-E mission
  • Impossible to find in nature, you have to plant them!
  • To get egg gum seeds via your Workbench for 20 Dreamlight Dust, 1 Pink Egg and 1 Blue Egg
  • The seed takes 30 minutes to germinate and you need to water it again after 15 minutes

Wall-E weekly missions

Hares on the run – Week from 8 to 15 April

You must catch the hares frolicking on the Esplanade. There are 5 to find and just approach and interact to “pick them up”. Then take them back to Wall-E to win twenty eggs of each color.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wall-E daily missions

Hatching and flowering – April 8

Wall-E would like you to make him a nice flower basket. To do this, use your workbench in the “functional items” tab. You need to collect the following flowers:

  • 2 yellow daisies: found in quiet meadow
  • 2 Blue Falling Penstemons: Found in the Esplanade
  • 4 White and Pink Hanging Penstemons: Found in the Esplanade
  • 1 Fiber: made with seaweed via your workbench
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Easter recipes

New dishes are available and you can prepare them directly at Chez Rémy or in any cooking pot. Here’s the list.

Come spring eggs

  • Recipe : 1 egg of each color (pink, blue and yellow) + 1 sugar + 1 cocoa
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Spring mimosa eggs

  • Recipe : 1 egg of each color + 1 Basilisk
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Spring Chocolate

  • Recipe : 1 spring egg gum (yellow egg) + 1 sugar + 1 cocoa
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Secret Easter Challenges

As with every seasonal event, the list of Dreamlight missions will be updated. Go to the “Village” subtab to find them. To fill them in, do the following:

The eggs don’t come from there!

  • Solution : Plant 100 seeds of the egg gum and collect the 100 yellow eggs that will grow. The recipe for making seeds is available above in the article in the paragraph “how to get eggs”.
  • Awards : You get a reward at each level of completion. x1 Spring Chocolate (10 yellow eggs collected) / x1 Blue Hare (30 yellow eggs) / x1 Pink Hare (60 yellow eggs) / x1 Yellow Hare (100 yellow eggs).

You get 3 new companions!

Spring taste test

  • Solution : You must cook the three new spring recipes associated with Easter (recipes available earlier in the article). Then you have to eat them yourself.
  • Reward : Spring cover (furniture)
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wall-E likes flowers

  • Solution : Bring Wall-E along as a companion (ask him to take you for a ride). Pick 50 random flowers as he follows you.
  • Reward : Decorative tulip bouquet
Disney Dreamlight Valley

egg-orizing decoration

  • Solution : Craft 4 new Easter furniture and place them all over your Valley.
  • Reward : Tulip lamp
Disney Dreamlight Valley

List of Easter furniture

These are the furniture you can make from your workbench in the “furniture” tab.

“Don’t put everything in one basket” basket

10 blue eggs

10 pink eggs

5 yellow eggs

10 fibers

Coco armchair

5 blue eggs

5 pink eggs

Oric Egg Ark

25 blue eggs

25 pink eggs

25 yellow eggs

10 iron bars

Abundance of spring eggs

15 blue eggs

15 pink eggs

15 yellow eggs

50 stones

spring standing

10 blue eggs

10 pink eggs

10 yellow eggs

20 hardwood

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