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Diablo 4 healing potion: how to improve it?

by Ana Lopez
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The way healing potions are handled has changed in each installment of the Diablo license. In Diablo 4, their operation is halfway between that of Diablo 2 and that of Diablo 3. We are spared the painful management of the belt and the potions in the inventory, and on the one hand there is no cooldown while using them, but their number is also limited and you have to find them regularly on the ground, after killing enemies. Upgrading potions is also an important part of progression.

The Alchemist and enhancement potions

You need to go to the game’s first city, Kyovashas, ​​to meet an NPC devoted to potions, the alchemist. She offers to improve your healing vial, in exchange for materials, if you meet the required conditions: reach the required level.

Each Healing Flask upgrade tier has a level requirement. It’s almost always every 10 levels, with the last upgrade at level 90.

You must take plants you find on the map, as well as gold, to improve the vial. The front rows are pretty easy to upgrade, if you’ve taken the time to pick up what you’ve come across. But it is possible that the last rows are much fuller.

Alchemist upgrades only increase the amount of healed life, not the number of stored potions. All potions have a base heal of 35%, plus a fixed amount. It is this second part that has been improved.

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Increase the number of costs

Healing more health is good, but having more potions in stock is even better. At this time, at least one method of extracting additional charges from the Life Vial is known. You’ll likely need to earn fame in each region, though details are yet to be confirmed for regions of the game not present in the beta.

Over there 2nd Shattered Peaks Fame Reward gives an extra potion fee. There is therefore a good chance that the same will apply to other regions.

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Refill your drinks

Killed enemies regularly drop potions on the floor, which is reminiscent of Diablo 3’s life orbs on more than one level. You can also often find them in chests and other decorative items. If you are in a dungeon, or in the open world, and you need healing: open everything, break everything!

It’s the same for the bosses, when their lives fall below certain levels, they will project various potions around them. This will therefore help you end the fight alive by picking them up along the way. But beware, if you already have the maximum number of potions in stock and you pass a potion on the ground, it will pick it up and use it automatically if you have no life, even if only a little. It is therefore better to avoid them and wait until you really need them. Also, do not forget to limit the damage received. Sometimes it’s better to be careful and methodical, even if it’s slower.

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In all cities and towns in the game you can also find a pharmacy, symbolized by a heart on the map. Talking to him will heal and regenerate all your potions.

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