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Diplodocus Ark: How to tame it, location… All about this creature

by Ana Lopez
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In Ark: Survival Evolved, the Diplodocus is one of the most famous and imposing dinosaurs on Earth. At first glance often confused from afar with some other very similar dinosaurs, it is casually quite easily recognized by its long neck, its long tail and its very smooth body on which there is no tusk, and we explain to you in this guide what are the most important things you should know about this dinosaur.

Where can you find Diplodocus in Ark?

THE Diplodocus is a very silent and passive herbivorous dinosaur: you will usually find it in desert biomes and on the grassland side or near redwoods, no matter which island you are on. It is an exclusively terrestrial animal, it is not a good swimmer at all and cannot fly.

THE Diplodocus is not aggressive at all, it just wanders around and eats the plants that pass within its reach. He is incapable of doing even the slightest damage, on the other hand, he knows how to deliver blows with his snout that could throw you off a cliff and kill you: watch out! It is important to note that it is also the fastest and most durable of the sauropods, all things considered.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Peculiarities of the Diplodocus in Ark

  • transport: Once equipped with the Saddle of Diplodocus, this dinosaur can carry a total of ten passengers and one driver at a time. Being the fastest of the sauropods, this makes an excellent player transport! We can also find him to have a good ability to transport loads of supplies at once without compromising too much on his movement speed, making him a good cargo hauler.
  • Collector: THE Diplodocus is very effective in harvesting Berries and from reeds
  • Explorer: THE Diplodocus is one of the very fast dinosaurs for its size, so it is one of the best candidates for exploration, especially if you orient yourself on the side of cliffs.

Taming: how to tame the Diplodocus?

Taming one Diplodocus is particularly simple because it is done passively: you have to collect Berries and feed them Diplodocus that you desire. Be careful though, he’ll start “playing” with you by pushing you back with his neck, putting you in mortal danger if you’re near a cliff. To avoid this, stand just behind his front legs, he will wiggle in all directions but will remain still without being able to touch you.

  • Attention : Don’t try to tame a Diplodocus by being violent towards him, if only with Arrows tranquilizers. It wouldn’t make sense unlike many other dinosaurs.
Ark: Survival Evolved

In terms of food, Herbivorous by nature, this creature especially loves Ordinary kibble and from mejoberry :

Ordinary kibble

Regular kibble recipe:

– 1x Dried meat
1x Medium egg
5x fibres
2x But
2x Potato
– Water

→ 20 regular kibble required for a level 150 Diplodocus

→ Time to tame it: ~25min35s


→ 178 Mejoberry required for a level 150 Diplodocus

→ Time to tame it: ~2h08min10s

How to reproduce the Diplodocus?

The reproduction of Diplodocus requires the presence of a male and a female of this species.

Randomly and at a rate of about one egg every 18 to 48 hours, the female Diplodocus lies one Diplodocus Egg. This can be eaten by the player or used for crafting Ordinary kibblebut to give birth to a small one Diplodocus you have to hatch the egg by placing it on the ground and provide it with acceptable conditions for the development of the young.

Ark: Survival Evolved

In case of Diplodocus, her egg hatched in about 4h59min after hatching under the right conditions. It needs a temperature that fluctuates between 26 and 29°C to hatch, otherwise it will lose health. It is also interesting to know that the incubation time can be reduced by up to 20% if the egg is placed in an incubator set at the ideal temperature.

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