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Code Summoners War Chronicles: list of available codes and how to get them?

by Ana Lopez
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Summoners War Chronicles is now available worldwide. This is a chance to return to a system that works really well in video games. These are coupons or codes that offer different rewards. Of course there are in the Com2us MMORPG.

Summoners War Chronicles Coupon: List of available codes

Regular customers of gachas or Com2us know that codes are regularly offered. In Summoners War Chronicles, this allows you to acquire parchments, arcenmons, angelmons, devilmons or other useful strong resources that you will need at some point in the game.At the moment we don’t just have a few codes, but more will come later and we will update the list as we go along.

  • 5STARMONS : 4 Arcenmons 5 stars and 1 Devilmon 5 stars
  • HJYEAR2023 (expires April 13, 2023): 2023 Breath of Life

The code list above is valid for European (EU) servers and other codes may be available, but they are invalid for those servers. We test each code before adding it in this article.

Summoners War Chronicles

Summoners War Chronicles Gift Code: How do I redeem an in-game coupon?

To use a coupon in Summoners War Chronicles, everything is done directly in the game. You first need two pieces of information. The first is the code to be redeemed (logically) and the second is your CS code which you will find in the Account tab of the game settings. We recommend copying your CS code and writing the coupon manually if you can’t copy both.

Once these details are known, you must proceed as explained opposite.

  • Open game menu
  • click on ads icon.
  • Go to the “Vouchers” tab.
  • Put down your CS code and redemption code.
  • Choose your server to receive your reward.
  • Open the message box where you can find your gifts.

The other option to redeem your codes is easier and faster. There she is :

  • To do this, go to the official website address.
  • Enter your CS code and coupon.
  • Collect your rewards directly in the game through the special tab.

Please, all you have to do is take advantage of all the gifts that are waiting for you.

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